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Monday, October 13, 2008

I thought I ran out of things to blog about until my dad suggested I feature the ceramic Superman box I made him last year for Christmas. When I opened up the folder with pictures of it, I found a whole bunch of other pictures of art I've made over the years. So this week, I'm going to feature some art I've made.

I did my student teaching in art education exactly one year ago. Elementary school art was so fun because all the kids adored me and wanted to be my friend. Children are so sweet :) High school was very intimidating at first for several reasons 1) I'm about the same size as most of the students and I don't really look my age sometimes. 2) I wore pretty much the same clothes as the students did so I blended in even more. 3) I still remember high school like it was yesterday, therefore I still sort of feel like I'm in high school. 4) The very most intimidating thing of all was that I was supposed to teach 4 ceramics classes. And how many ceramics classes have I ever taken? Zero. Nada. Zilch. Not one. How was I supposed to teach ceramics when I knew nothing about it? lucky for me, it turned out to be a great experience and I still keep in touch with the teacher I worked with. So, in order to teach ceramics I had to learn a thing or two about it, and the best way I learn is hands on.

One of the first days I was at the high school, I grabbed a block of clay and started making the same project the students were working on - a slab box. Here is my very first ceramics project:

It took probably two months to finish but I was happy with my newly found skillz.

The second ceramics project I ever made was for my dad. He is a huge Superman fan so I thought it'd be fun to make him an "S" box for Christmas. I filled it with dark chocolates (his favorite) and now it sits on his shelf of "all things neat and cool."

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  1. My husband LOVES superman! That is really cool. :)

    p.s. I started calling you peggy because I am a huge dork. no other reason than that.



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