The One with Weeeee!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I love looking through old photographs and seeing how much my siblings and I have grown. This picture was taken probably 8 years ago. Allison and Emily are still friends but they are both twice as tall. Sneakers the dog is still layin' around, fat as ever. Eric has also grown twice as tall, and has become twice as nice! Some days I want to throw all cares out the window and jump into a big ol' pile of leaves just like this!


  1. It took many jumps to get that photograph. Back then with relatively early digital cameras, there was a huge lag between the time you pressed the shutter button and the camera actually snapped the photo. In order to get a photo like this or a picture of Eric doing a trick on a skateboard or snowboard, it took many "takes" in order to get the shutter timing down. No way Sneakers could run around chasing Eric like that today.

  2. So cute! Ever since the leaves began dropping from the trees I have had the same urge to go rake them up and jump in! Though I have the feeling that they wouldn't be quite as cushioning as they were when I was 10. :)

  3. I love little sneakers the dog in the photo. He is in mid air and the fur is just flying every which way. It puffs him up to almost twice his size. Awesome. Too bad he can't jump like that anymore...


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