The One with My Newest Book

Friday, October 10, 2008

At the beginning of the year I made some tiles at the high school where I student taught. Last weekend I finally I began the process of making the tiles into a book. When I first made the tiles out of clay I poked holes (for sewing the book together) through them before they were fired so I wouldn't have to drill holes once they were ceramic tiles. Been there, done that. Drilling holes through tile is a long and painful and often fruitless process. So I was nervous when I realized that the glaze I used to paint the designs was so thick that it filled in the holes and turned into glass when the tiles were fired. So much for my genius pre-hole punched tiles! I had to drill holes through my non-existent holes. I broke one of the tiles so I used a plain tile with pre-punched holes (yay!) for the back. I just painted it black to match the front cover. The pages are made from all shades of teal scrapbooking papers and cardstock. I like how it turned out, I think the bumps along the way make me appreciate it more. And so without further ado, I present my second tile book:

The examples page on my PaigeBooks website has been updated with this newest book.

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  1. That is a really cool book. A book like that is intimidating, though. It's so nice I'd always be saying to myself, "I've got to save this for the perfect project." Of course, nothing would ever be book-worthy and rather than mar the book, it would remain empty its whole life. I can't wait for you to come to Washington so we can make a book where the covers are fabricated from old wood scavenged from the cabin. I want to fill the book with before/after photos of rebuilding the cabin.


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