The One with "I'm Not A Bum, I'm Wearing Abercrombie"

Sunday, October 26, 2008

If it weren't for my dad, I seriously wouldn't have anything to blog about :)

I'm sure we've all had weird experiences in life or less than pleasant interactions with strangers. This story that happened to my parents last night tops them all.

Last night at 3am while everyone was sleeping, my dad thought he heard the doorbell ring. While he was trying to figure out if it was a dream or really was the doorbell, it rang again. This time my mom heard it too so she went to check it out while my dad got dressed. My dad could hear my mom talking to somebody through the door. When my dad got to the door, a guy probably in his late 20s was standing there. He was flashing money and credit cards from his wallet and saying, "I'm not a bum!" My dad opened the door to talk to him. He was totally drunk and bare footed (where did his shoes go?). It was hard for my dad to figure out exactly what happened, but the guy said his friends took his keys to his Lexus and wouldn't let him drive and get a DUI. He had an iPhone, but didn't know the number of a cab to call. He said he lived in Redmond Ridge. He kept saying, "I'm not a bum, see I have money." At one point, he said while opening his jacket, "I'm not a bum, I'm wearing Abercrombie!" That's a classic. Why and how he ended up at my parent's door, no one will ever know. My dad considered calling a cab in the middle of the night and getting someone out there for a drunk in our rural area - probably not gonna happen. So my dad decided to drive him home. My mom made him call her cell phone and left the line open the whole time. My dad was afraid the guy wouldn't know where he lived and would lead him on a goose chase, but he knew exactly where to go. He dropped the guy off at his house and went home.

How's that for strange?


  1. that is so weird, and kinda scary! your dad is such a nice guy!

  2. CREEPY!! I know my parents wouldn't have answered the door!! Good thing your parents are the nice ones in the neighborhood!! :o]

  3. That is strange and very creepy! I wouldn't have opened the door! :)


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