The One with Correspondence

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My friend Meredith is doing something really cool and unique for her final BFA project at BYU. It's called Correspondence and you can read more about it on her blog. Once there, scroll down and down and down to postcard 78 (the numbers are stamped in red on the bottom left corner). That's mine! Each and every single postcard is letterpressed and then she collaged a little something on them. She also wrote everyone a personal note which must have taken hours. I'm so envious that she has her own letterpress! So now I'm trying to figure out something creative to send with my reply. A letter, drawing, postcard, picture, print? I've got until November 1st so hopefully I'll think of something inspirational by then. Good luck Meredith!

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  1. Thanks Paige! You can letterpress with me anytime...seeing as I will be graduated soon and probably bored while I work at the gap and look for a full time job.


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