The One with If Only

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

If only I had a little baby to stuff inside this cute crocheted costume...
I found this on Jolie Anne's etsy shop. Etsy is by far the neatest and most inspirational website for all things handmade. Pretty stinkin' cute.

P.S. - Some Etsy stats I found on their blog for the month of September (which are incredible!):
  • $7.93 million of goods were sold
  • 544,157 items sold, a 5.3% increase from July's stats
  • 911,191 new items were listed, up from 869,000 items last month
  • 96,473 new members joined the Etsy community, including 18,001 new sellers
  • 344,000,000 page views were recorded on the site

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