The One with - It's Friday!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I need to start making plans to look forward to for Friday nights because tonight I've got nothing. I want to see the new Nick and Norah movie, but I've learned that you don't go see movies on their release date in Provo. We could drive to American Fork or Thanksgiving Point, but is it really worth it?

Maybe I'll start checking things off my "to do when I've got spare time" list. Cuz I'm a list maker. This weekend is General Conference and I'm pretty caught up with Scrapbook Trends work so I think I'll be able to get some things done:
- Cut out Halloween shapes from felt and hang in the windows
- Put away the stuff that I took off the wall (I decided it just made the whole living room look cluttered)
- Re-vamp an old frame that I found in the attic of my grandparent's house and put it somewhere
- Paint some rocks (see previous post)
- Paint some terracotta pots to look like candy corn
- Frame a little gauche painting for my friend that she wanted three years ago because she made a beanie for me in Prague (side note - I'm holding onto my red pillow. I told you I take my pillow with me everywhere, even in 2005!), but I liked the painting too much so I told her I'd make her a new one and I never did so now I feel really bad, but we're finally gonna hang out so this will make everything better. And in case you're reading this Katie B.P., forget you did because it's supposed to be a surprise!
- Alter the 25 day countdown box I got at Archiver's in Minneapolis
- Get some supplies to start an acrylic project inspired by Marlene

I've got so many piles of stuff sitting around the apartment. I'm such a hypocrite. Chris leaves a drinking glass or some socks sitting around and I throw a tantrum. But I've got a Cricut and bags full of crap in all corners and I'm like, whatev. I'll work on that honey :)


  1. oh how fun!! You are so creative have a great weekend!

  2. UM...Guess who was just reading your blog and catching up! I saw that picture and KNEW that was my lovely hat! Looks like you still owe me a painting, and I still owe you a date! Seriously though, my life has never been so crazy and on weekends all I do is sleep, anyway, please forgive me and count on Dec! xooxox


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