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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A new weekly work assignment has got me excited: each week the in-house scrapbookers will make a layout, card or project and post the images on the in-house gallery on the AC blog. Here's my first layout. I hope Eric doesn't get too mad at me!And American Crafts just released a Teen line so we each made a layout to showcase the new products. Fun stuff!A tidbit - so I listen to movies while I work (another tidbit - I started listening to our movies on May 27th of this year, I average about 3 a day, and I'm now in the "Rs") and when I look back at things I've done I associate them with that movie. For example, this leopard print paper I remember I was listening to George of the Jungle (yes, the one with Brandon Fraser). Very appropriate I think!


  1. This is so colourful and fun - love it!

    Oohhh how I wish I could come to play with you all at work...haha!


  2. I saw that on the AC blog and loved it! Very cool layout, girlie! :)


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