The One with CHA Day 2 Part 1

Monday, January 26, 2009

These are some highlights from CHA today:

Totally awesome wall decalsRub ons transferred to pillows. They look fantastic. Only problem: how to wash them?
Iron ons applied to clothing and other items. Genius.
At one point the fire alarm went off so we all had to evacuate. Never figured out why.
A neat piece of winter wall art.
A snazzy handmade pillow.
Collaged canvases.
Nichole and I stopped off at the DMC booth and were entered into a drawing. After the really cool prizes were given out, we started walking away and then Nichole's number was called. She won "Stitchopoly." We have yet to play it, but it looks rad. The entire experience was a riot. I met Melanie from twopeas and was in a short video for their site featuring American Crafts stamps. I haven't seen the video yet, I don't know if I want to. It was sort of you can see from the look on BOTH of our faces :)I also met Lisa Truesdell, former ACCDTer. She's published frequently in ST cuz she's so uber talented. It's nice to put a face with a name. I knew what she looked like before we met though...but you know what I mean. We saw SOY (Scrapbooker of the Year) Mandy Douglass at the Creating Keepsakes booth. She also does PR work for American Crafts. This picture is so Mandy :)Nichole snapped a photo of THE Jenni Bowlin. I haven't used enough of her stuff to feel like I can approach her and have a conversation, but I admire her to pieces. Fabric is so hot right now. Projects made with fabric are so hot right now.
Handmade papers are great for bookbinding. But they're very expensive. But they're still very pretty.
One of the designers over at Sassafrass was kind enough to show us her displays that she made by hand. I love them. Die cut cardstock is all the rage right now. I think these are by Making Memories.
Check out the fabric covering this chair. Love it.
All in all - a very inspiring day at CHA. There is so much talent in the world.

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