The One with the Teen Patterned Paper Pack

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I need help. Well, don't we all :) But, in all seriousness, I'm trying to find something desperately. At American Crafts we designed a line for Teens last summer which hit stores around October. We also designed a patterned paper box filled with 30 different patterns of paper. My sister helped design one of the six papers exclusive to the pack, so naturally my mom wants a few of the boxes to show off.

The chain store Michaels decided to sell the Teen Patterned Paper Pack and just enough were manufactured to be sent to all of the Michaels stores. The boxes were shipped last week and every day I've been going to my local Michaels to see if they have it but been unsuccessful. If you go to the Michaels website you can see if there is a store near you and if you happen upon this product, I would like 4 of them. They retail for around $20 and I will pay you back plus interest. Actually, my mom will you back plus interest :)

Here is the front cover of the box. It's about 12" x 12".
And here is the back of the box showing all of the different patterns inside. My sister's is the 3rd row, last one at the right end. It's peace sign paper. (The last column of papers are the ones exclusive to the pack. The other 24 can be purchased individually as sheets.)
Let the search for this valuable item begin!


  1. I am guessing she has already been checking the Kirkland and Bellevue and Issaquah Michaels but I live really close to the Kirkland one so I will check for you guys!!

  2. Thanks Kelsey! I think my mom has only been checking the Bellevue one, so if you happen upon some at the Kirkland one that would be AWESOME!


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