The One with Disneyland

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We spent the day at the happiest place on earth. This is the quote that is above the entryway at Disneyland. It really is the perfect quote for the way this place makes me feel.We bought our park hopper tickets off of ebay and picked them up at this sketchy sketchy office...
When we tried to park our car we got into a long line and noticed a really short line, so of course we went into that line. Turns out that lane was closed so we tried to merge back into the big line. No one was letting us back in. We were tempted to get out of the car and MAKE someone let us in. But finally a very nice lady and her young son let us in. So we paid for their parking. When we got back to our car in the evening there was a very nice thank you note tucked under the wipers. Kindness is a wonderful thing and all of our insides felt warm and fuzzy.

Here's me, Nichole and Alisha riding the big escalator down to the tram. I liked our color combo.
Our first stop? California Adventure Land. We each stood by one of the big letters in "California" that went with our name. Except I had to turn my "R" into a "P". Jumping shots sure are addicting!We quickly weaved our way through the masses of people (NOT!) over to the Hollywood Tower of Terror.
I quickly took a picture of the view outside at the top of the tower before the freefall.Here's a photo of our photo.
Then we went and saw a cute "Bug's Life" 3D show. "You know the difference between you and us? We make this look good!"There's a lot of construction and maintenance going on right now. This is all supposed to be a big lake.We went on a crazy fun roller coaster!Here's a shot from when we were upside down. And here's a shot from the top of one of the rises.
The big water ride in the middle of the park was closed. I guess I'm glad because if we had gone on it we would have gotten super wet and it was very cold today.Just Nichole and I went on this ride. It was supposed to be neat because it shoots up in the air really fast, but by the time you realize what's happening the ride is over. They should shoot you up twice.We ate lunch here and each got delicious sandwiches and waffle fries.Then we went to Disneyland. There was not even a single person in this shot, that's how not busy it was.
The very first ride we went on was the Jungle Cruise. Fun fun fun. Then we went on the Indiana Jones ride. Wow! I love that ride. Too bad Nichole left her sunglasses in the pocket....when we went back right before we left the park to look for her glasses, we wanted to go on it again. But it was closed and had been down for maintenance since 2pm. We were about to turn around and leave when it opened back up so we were some of the first people in line and we ended our night on an adrenaline rush.

After Indiana Jones we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean. It makes me want to watch the movies. The Jack Sparrow character they added to the ride looks just like Johnny Depp; it's kind of creepy!Some day I want to eat at the restaurant that's inside the Pirates ride.Then we went on Splash Mountain. Here is the Before shot.

Here is the After shot. Poor Lindsey got soaked!
Another picture of our picture.
We didn't get any autographs of the Disney characters, but pictures are good enough for me!
The Haunted Mansion was closed, wahhhh!

Thunder Mountain was fun.
We didn't go on the boat, but it looks neat!
The water is so filled with pennies it looks red.
I don't know why but Nichole really wanted a pic of her eating Mickey's head. Something about her embracing Disney? I don't even know.
It's a Small World was closed too, shoot! It was closed when I came here last year too. What the heck?
And not to be a whiner, but I'm never going on the Matterhorn again. It hurts! They need to put padding on the seats.
I went on a ride I've never been on before: a Finding Nemo themed submarine ride.
Space Mountain was a blast. Being in the dark the whole time is such a unique feeling.I heart Disneyland!Main Street lights make for interesting pictures at night.
We got some bread bowls for dinner then headed back to the hotel.
Thank you Walt for making such a great place! Peace out!


  1. Oh yeah, well, I did physics homework!

  2. you are so rockin the fanny pack. genius.

    p.s. i want to go to disneyland so bad. they are redoing the entire california adventure. check this video out!

  3. I love disneyland & CA. Thanks for the CA pic of the dried up lake. I've never seen it like that before. I'll have to check out the video Katie linked too. & don't worry about it's a small world being closed. It's just as annoying as everyone says. I wish I could have gone!


  4. looks like such a fun time, Paige! Love those photos-I felt like I was right there! :)
    and i am LOVING all that CHA goodness down in your previous posts! ahhh! so fun to get to be there!

  5. Hi Paige, I'm so glad you had fun. The restaurant at Pirates is where I always go to eat. It has great Monte Cristo sandwiches! Love, Mom Evans

  6. A year later and It's a Small World is STILL closed?! That's lame. They must be using it as the employee cafeteria or something.

  7. PAIGE!! How are you! You went to Disneyland over my birthday! Thanks for celebrating my birthday for me over there! Your the best! ha ha we need to get together!

  8. That's so fun you had a chance to go to Disney Land! I live about 30 minutes from it and I'm still not SICK of it! We have the year round pass :) Best money ever spent!
    Love the upside down roller coster pic!


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