The One with "If I Could Be Someone For A Day"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

If I could be someone for a day, I'd like to be Hayley Williams of Paramore. She is such a rocker. She is so pretty and edgy and unique. Her hair is awesome. She has a great voice. My favorite song they've done is for the Twilight soundtrack. It's called Decode and I love the music video:

My next favorite song is Crush Crush Crush:

Here are some facts I copied from the official Paramore website about Hayley:
Birth Name - Hayley Nichole Williams
Nickname - Spongebob, Sponge, Hayles
Age - 20 (She's only 20 years old! And she's already made two full-length CDs and lots of music videos!)
Birthday - December 27, 1988 (Happy belated birthday!)
Height - 5'2
Eyes - Green
Hometown - Franklin, Tennessee
Birth Place - Meridian, Mississippi
Dating - not telling
Trademark - Vibrant red hair (Totally rocks my socks off!)
Tattoos, etc. - not telling
Hobbies - singing / vocals

Maybe someday she'll read this and make a comment :)


  1. Thanks for introducting me to a new band Paige. I have never heard of them before (is that sad? Are they well known in the states?)

    I may even have to add that Crush song to my blog playlist - loved it!

    Thanks again.


  2. i love crush crush crush... very cool. thanks for the reminder about this very smooth band. (i heard smooth is the new cool word in the music scene... just tryin' to be cool. working?)

  3. Paige - she is my rock and roll girlcrush. Everytime I hear one of their songs (which is pretty often!), I contemplate dying my hair and becoming a rocker. Glad to know someone shares the love!

  4. you could totally be her.... you've gotta little punk rock girl in you :)

  5. I totally agree, she is the stuff!!! She also interviewed Rob Pattinson for "Artist on Artist (on youtube)" and I think they could date...

  6. you could so pull off the red hair paige!

  7. Creepy blogstalker here :). I was just doing some digital scrapbooking and somehow ran across Paige's profile for American Crafts. Anyway, it looks like you guys are doing great... it was great to see what you're up to!

    -Jana (Henderson) Bishop


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