The One with Paris Hilton (and CHA :)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We were on the road to Anaheim by 8:15. How'd we manage that? Cough cough... At one point we drove through some scenic mountains. Don't be fooled, the road and the picture are straight, it's the mountains that are crooked.We passed by the world's biggest thermometer. Random.And whoever named this road deserves a prize.Nichole lookin' hot at a rest stop.
I played Phantom Planet's "California" as we were driving through the unseasonally green valleys approaching Los Angeles. Good times.

We drove straight to the convention center since we couldn't check in to our hotel for a few more hours and we still had a couple of hours until Paris Hilton was scheduled to make her appearance. We were starving so we got some $8 personal pizzas. Talk about a rip off. Whatevs. "It is what it is." We stopped by the American Crafts booths to say what up. Everything looks so good. Eye candy.These are some of my faves from what I've seen so far: A feather covered floor for a feather company.Pebbles' display. I would totally hang all of this in my apartment.Embellished wooden bracelets.
And then. The time came. We walked over to Paris Hilton's booth and holy crow there were a lot of people. Too bad her line isn't very cute... like at all. While we were standing there we met some regular submitters from Scrapbook Trends. Emily Ahern is a digital artist and it's so nice to put a face with a name!

Somehow Alisha and I scored the most amazing spot ever. Check it out - Nichole took this pic. I'm in the center with with my yellow sweater kind of hidden behind the guy in the blue plaid shirt. Yeah there's only like five feet between me and her! PS - THESE ARE NOT CROPPED OR ZOOMED IN PICTURES! I KID YOU NOT!When she first walked into her booth I said, "Hi Paris!" and she said hi back. I felt special :)At one point, as she was perusing everything "she designed" she came within centimeters of my face. She bedazzled herself with some of her jewelery. I was all like, "That looks great Paris. But what's up with the Hello Kitty necklace?" I didn't really say that. But I thought it!As much as I questioned her necklace, the rest of her was rockin'. Her dress was soooo cute and modest and her shoes were slamming. And that hair cut is perfect on her.
The number one thing that surprised me? She's actually very pretty in real life. Her photographers do her no justice. Maybe she's just not that photogenic. I don't know what it is, but she is much much prettier than her pictures.Here she is doing what she does best. She would grab an album and turn and smile. You must watch this video of her describing her new line. She says "it's hot." - Scratch that. The internet here must not be up to par because I've been trying to upload the video for over an hour and it's not working. But first thing when I get back to Provo the video will go up!

We were all so stoked after seeing and being so close to such a legit famous person.

The show was almost over for the day so we went and checked into our hotel. Then we went to El Pollo Loco for dinner. I'm so dependent on Chris that I actually had to call him and ask what to get because he always orders for me when we go there.

Now we're watching Vegas movies - What Happens in Vegas and 21 to be exact. Tomorrow we'll be at CHA all day getting inspired.


  1. I had no ides you were such a PHil fan. Ha ha ha

  2. Great job snagging the primo spot! I once was in line at a club and turned to see who I bumped elbows with and there was Criss Angel.. surprise surprise!

  3. OMG! I am so jelous! Why didn't you pack me in your case? hehe. Next year? lol

  4. Oh Paige, you are so cracking me up about Paris!!! Glad you guys had so much fun. Wish I was there to hang out. Maybe this summer? ;)


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