The One with CHA Day 2 Part 2

Monday, January 26, 2009

After CHA we went to the beach, specifically Huntington Beach because Nichole's last name is Huntington. It looks like my favorite photographer in the whole wide world also went there recently. Her pictures are unreal they are so good.

I felt like I was on the set of The OC. My favorite part about this picture though has to be my goofy face in the car mirror.We've never tried jumping shots before but Lindsey nailed the technique.
This one's Nichole.
The houses along the beach are spectacular. I love the feeling of sand between my toes.
These rocks were absolutely covered with barnacles and other mysterious sea creatures.We even saw starfish! The sea life makes cool textures on the rocks.I call this "Sand."
It's like a green Blob.
This texture in the sand is particularly interesting.This girl is so photogenic.The four of us and our shadows.Chipper Lindsey. She's kept us sane this trip.And then we had fun playing on this structure. Just three away from where Amelia did her shoot!
If we were a music group, this would be over CD cover. Then we drove around on the Balboa Peninsula. OMG the houses are ridiculous.
This metal garage door is pretty cool.We stopped for a potty and shopping break at the Fashion Island mall as the sun was setting.
Then we made a quick stop at the beautiful Newport Beach temple.We left just in time to get through some traffic and meet up with some fellow ACers at PF Changs. Nichole used to work there (where hasn't she worked? :) so she had some great recommendations. Next time I'm getting Singapore Street Noodles. They were the bomb dot com.

What a day!


  1. That is so funny that you love Amelia Lyons. She is one of my absolute favorite photogs too.
    I'm glad you had fun in my hometown. I grew up there! It's crazy!


  2. love the jumping pics, girlies!!!

  3. Welcome to cali! IT looks like you girls had fun! Love the pics!


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