The One with Balloons Part Two

Monday, June 29, 2009

i know. I Know. I KNOW. More balloon pictures? Cut me some slack though, I was in need of a fun creative activity.

After seeing Lindsey's balloon shoot last week I immediately started planning my own. Models: my li'l sis Allie and her BFF Bianca. They got here on Saturday night and immediately bought some balloons. But they died. The balloons that is. Not my sister and her friend. We went to Smith's on Sunday to find some more, but out here in Utah most things are closed on Sundays, including the floral/balloon shop inside Smith's. So Bianca batted her beautiful eyes at one of the sales clerks and was able to coax him into getting someone to blow us up some balloons. I knew she wasn't good lookin for nothing!

We met Lindsey at the exact same park she went to and got to gettin.
Combining balloons and jumping - what could be better? I know! If only they were eating cupcakes. Next time.These are the knees of longboarders, slackliners and hikers.We found a shopping cart in the middle of the field and had fun using it as a prop.Below is my favorite shot of the day. If you click on it to enlarge it, you can see the moon in the top left corner. It's the moon, not a smudge, cross my heart.At the end of the shoot they let the balloons go. The pink one didn't go so far... But the rest floated away into oblivian. Overall, it was hot as Hades outside, and none of us escaped without some mosquito bites, but these pictures turned out just the way I envsioned them. Thanks so much Lindsey, you're a peach.

Edited to add more More MORE. I just can't get enough.

I laid upside down on my back and got this one.
Worn out, but still having a good time.
Same photo as one above, but in black & white.
It never gets old.This was one of the very first pics I took on the ground, peering through the blades of grass.The end. For now. No promises.


  1. PAIGE! It was totally fun and totally worth the mosquito bites! I would have to say my favorite picture is your favorite as well! Random shopping cart - but totally worth it!

  2. Very cute, Pailge! Lindsey has a good eye for photography. Maybe she'll want to work at "my" portrait studio in Redmond some day.

  3. LOVE those photos, Paige!
    I need to get some balloons! :-D
    Hope you are having a great time with your family! Hugs!

  4. Great photos! Lindsey should replace the photographer on "13 going on 30".

  5. these are absolutely gorgeous photos! love it!

  6. love your blog! are you teaching now or chilling? kimberly got a teaching job! so cool!

  7. These are AMAZING! You are so talented! I think I need some of these hanging in my house. LOL. :)


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