The One with redbox

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm pretty sure redbox is one of my top 10 favorite inventions. A movie for a buck? Can't beat that. Even if the movie really stinks, it was only a dollar so the only thing that would really stink is the time wasted. But that hardly ever happens, I love movies. The other day I was looking at AmEx (American Express) online to see what we've charged to our card so far this month and I noticed that we had a charge from redbox for $1.64. Sorta strange since movies are only a dollar plus tax so a movie costs us $1.07 to rent. If we return it late then it goes up to $2.14. But $1.64? How did that happen? I wasn't too concerned because it was only like 50 cents more than it should have been. But I couldn't stop thinking about it so I called them. It took them awhile to find the charge, I was listed by my last name first...Hi my name is Evans Paige! So the guy told me he could either credit my account the difference or give me a code for a free movie. I said free movie cuz that's worth more than the difference. We rented He's Just Not That Into You last night. I sorta liked it in the theater, I figured we'd give it another chance, but I decided we won't be adding it to our DVD collection.

This morning I'm looking at AmEx online again and I notice we have a reversal charge of $1.64. Silly redbox people. I said I wanted the free movie code, not the money back. And they credited my account the whole charge, not just the difference. So thanks redbox for hooking us up, you just confirmed that you are the bomb. I'm gonna go buy me a dollar menu burger from Wendy's :)


  1. RedBox is the "bomb!" Seriously, who needs a movie for 5 nights anyway?

  2. Did you know you can get free movie coupon codes here:

    I wrote a few down for fun the last time we hit Redbox on the way to the lake and the first one I typed in worked and we got a free movie.


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