The One with Manti

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day and after cleaning all the cages we took an hour and a half drive south to the teeny town of Manti.

On the way we passed these ginormous windmills.These pictures do them no justice. They were HUGE!
Chris and I both noted how GREEN it is right now. I guess every time we've driven through this pass to get to Colorado it's been winter and grey. Today it was be-a-u-ti-ful.
We went to Manti to do a session at the historic Manti Temple. We're trying to go to as many different ones as we can before we sayonara outta Utah.

The temple was visible from miles down the road. It's set up high on a hill and looks like a castle.
It kinda sorta maybe possibly reminds me of Notre Dame in Paris.
Maybe it's the color of the stone and the bell-tower looking things? Regardless, I still think this is a beautiful building and loved taking pictures of it from every angle.
Chris and Paige. June 6th 2009. Outisde the Manti Temple.
When we went inside at 2pm it was sunny with scattered clouds outside. At 4pm when we exited, it was overcast and drizzling. Funny how the weather changed completely in just two hours. But it provided a different and interesting light on the temple.
This is the city of Manti in all of it's glory from the top of the hill.

We stopped off at a malt shop, excuse me, The Malt Shop, and got shakes on the way home because it was really crowded when we were driving in so we figured it must be good. 'Twas.
We sang along to Tim McGraw and Faith Hill duets on the ride home and enjoyed the rain.
Fun day :)


  1. LOVE the malt shop. and i am a little jealous that your husband will sing tim and faith duets... don't think that will ever happen over here.

    and you are my idol. great pictures.

  2. The Manti temple is the best you know.

  3. Is Chris growing a beard?

  4. I forgot to mention that Manti is now my #2 favorite temple! (Nauvoo is #1, natch). I love love love the huge room painted by Minerva Teichert. So unlike all the other painted rooms I've seen in other temples and across Church culture.

    And no, Malm, Chris is not growing a beard. That's not allowed at BYU. He just hadn't shaved since Friday or something. But he swears when he graduates he's going to grow one. We'll see.

  5. I do hope to grow one, but, the army doesn't allow them. :(

  6. Chris will be able to grow a beard of his very own when he's in his mid 30's. Good for him!!! Can't wait!


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