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Friday, June 26, 2009

My little brother is 21 years old today!

But before I proceed with his life-in-pictures-review, I want to recount the text message conversation I had with Chris yesterday when I dropped the bomb that Michael Jackson had died. Chris was in class, otherwise I would have called him.

Paige: Michael Jackson just died of a heart attack! Honest to blog!
Chris: Holy crap! (he exclaimed out loud and all the other students in his lab turned to see what the matter was)
Paige: I know!
Chris: That's strangely sad.
Paige: I was still waiting for him to come out with more muzak.
Chris: I was waiting for him to be normal again.
Paige: I wonder what he looks like in heaven...
Chris: Hahahahaha.
But back to the real reason behind this post.

My little brother is 21 years old today!

It's been great having Eric around to shove raspberries into his mouth.
One time my parents couldn't find Eric. They looked everywhere inside the house for him. Turns out he had somehow escaped outside and was eating all the raspberries. Guilty as charged!We two got into lots of mischief together. One time while my mom was taking a nap, we took apart the vinyl couch, poured water all over the cushions and used them as "slip'n'slides." We got in big trouble for the maneuver... At least playing in the mud is an outside activity.
And where's the fun in having a little brother if you can't dress him up like a barbie doll?!Eric was five when Allie was born. He's such a good big brother to her. He couldn't have been prouder here.
"Here comes the muscles!"How he got his leg to bend like this...the world may never know.Apparently he takes after my dad in his affection of Superman. Could he BE any more miserable? My favorite part of the above and below pictures? The necklace.
Eric had some great friends growing up. They were ALWAYS together, skateboarding and what not. They even bleached their hair together. Remember those days?Real attractive li'l bro. I'll be showing this one to your future wife.
Eric and his man's best friend Sneakers. Sneakers loves Eric so much. Eric is the only person in the world that Sneakers will lick for five minutes straight. Tested, tried and true.
Another one to show the future wife.
Eric sure does know how to ruin a family picture. Don't worry, this was not a permanent hair do. Just mid hair cut.
It's a rare occasion when Tip-Toe comes near people, let alone sits on them. Eric looks a little frightened.
Eric wasn't the most pleasant person in the world during his high school years. No offense! But really, what teenage boy is sunshine and roses 24/7? He never fails to make us laugh though. I present: Magnum!
Ummmm. Ouch.Eric taught himself how to play the guitar. He's quite good. Don't ask me how I talked him into letting me put his hair in a ponytail. But I did. And I love it.
My mom works at a photography studio so we all get pictures taken there from time to time. Eric got his senior pictures taken there. I particularly like these ones. For his senior present, Eric, my mom and my cousin Maren took a trip to London. It was there at Eric and Maren became best friends. They are two peas in a pod and have the best time together. This is my brother. Corny.
Goofy.Crazy.And we love him for it.Eric left to serve a two year full-time church mission to Oaxaca, Mexico on July 25th 2007. We haven't seen him since then and we miss him oh so much. He comes home on July 27th. Just shy of a month! He's the second one on the left.Calling "All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies. All the single ladies." He will be available to date on July 28th!


  1. yayyyy what an awesome brothaa!

    Can't wait till he comes home!

  2. You are such a good sister. Won't it be fun to have your little brother back?? I can't wait!

  3. lol - what a tribute! I can't believe he's 21... are we geting old already??:(

  4. You're the BEST big sister ever. I can't wait for him to come home so we can be a complete family again!

  5. Yaayyy Eric I can't wait for him to come home! EVerything will be normal in Provo again!!

  6. what a great trip down memory lane! GREAT pictures! especially the ones from when he was little! he is a VERy handsome young man!!! YOu are a proud big sister and should be! I bet you can't wait to see him again!!! have FUN! take lots of pics!

  7. Where did your find that Michael Jackson shirt?!

  8. Did Eric leave 2006? Cause wouldn't that mean that he got home last year? Just wanted to clarify. Only a month to go! Only 1 and a half for Chase's brother Logan to come home. :) You're just a little lucky! :)

  9. Tedi - thanks for catching that! DUH! He left in 2007. But it feels like 2006..:)

  10. Katie - I found the t-shirt from


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