The One with Good-Bye, We'll Miss You!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Chris' brother and his wife (my brother and sister-in-law) are moving to Flagstaff, Arizona tomorrow. It's been so fun living so close to them the past couple years. I remember back when the were still dating...

The first time Chris and I drove out to Colorado together was for Andy and Cami's wedding back in May of 2004. My how time has flown. My how Nick has grown!
They started their newlywed lives in BYU married student housing: Wymount. While Chris was on his mission, sometimes I ran into Andy on campus. They even invited me over for dinner once or twice.

Just a few weeks before Chris got home from his mission, they had their first baby, Drew. Drew-be-do.

This was our very first annual Evans Family Reunion in Colorado in 2006, when Drewbie was just a few weeks old. Mind you, I was not even a member of the family at this point. In fact, this was the first time I had even seen Chris in two years. But I still got to wear an Evans' shirt! Good thing everything worked out huh? That coulda been awkward...

It's funny to see these pictures of Drew when he was just barely crawling and now he's running around like a little human being. This was 4th of July 2007 outside the Lavell Edwards Stadium trying to catch a glimpse of Corbin Bleu.
Our next Evans Family Reunion (which I was officially a part of! Yay, I made the cut!) was in Oregon in 2007. This is my favorite picture of Andy, Cami and Drew.
Happy little family in Oregon.

Then in February of 2008, Avery was born.

Everyone thought she was going to be a boy, but I was happy they had a little girl. It'll be so much fun to take her shopping and take pictures of her and scrapbook them as she grows up.

When she was a few months old, me and my American Crafts buddies did a screenprinting activity and I got to make a little onesie for Avery using Jen's cute design.

Once again at the Evans' Family Reunion. Year: 2008. Place: Afton, Wyoming.
Drew loves anything on wheels.

Avery looking particularly adorable at the reunion.

It's a rare occasion that we get to hang out with Andy and Cami without their kiddos, so it was fun to spend the day with them white water rafting down the river. Minus the part when I almost died when the guide purposfully flipped the raft over...

Happy Halloween 2008 Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

This is me and Drew, chillin' out in Colorado over Thanksgiving break 2008.

A tender moment between Drew and Andy as they reenacted the manger scene in the Evans' barn for Christmas 2008.

Avery pounding her first birthday cake in February 2009.

These were taken just a few weeks ago at the park.

I'll miss having Andy as my personal banker at Wells Fargo. He's taken good care of me. I'll miss loaning out our DVDs every once in a while. I'll miss Cami's awesome cooking. I'll miss my only niece and nephew. Until the Evans Family Reunion 2009! Good luck Andy, Cami, Drew, Avery and soon-to-be-born Luke!

PS - I would add pictures of them packing up and moving, BUT, my chinchilla chewed all the way through my wireless router power cord so my internet no longer works in the living room. Dang chinchilla. I'll have to plug the ethernet cord directly into my computer and upload more pictures later tonight. Until then, ciao!

Edited to add:
These are my final pictures of Drewbie and Avery before they head off to their new life in Arizona.

Avery decided to like me and let me lead her around with a finger and even hold her for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile Drew was running around, getting out his final kicks and jollies.

I wonder if he'll remember Provo at all...

Bye bye Avery!
Bye bye Drew!
See you in August!

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