The One with Hogwarts

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Holy moly! Harry Potter comes out in just 22 days, that's only 3 weeks people! Never you mind it was supposed to come out last November... The previews make this movie look GOOD. Not just entertaining, but interesting and with a good plot. I guess the books got better and better so it only makes sense that the movies would get better and better too.

And if you're looking to purchase your very own Hogwarts, there's one for sale in Draper Utah.
(Picture courtesy of Whitney's blog)

Edited to add: This one's for you Eric.
I just stumbled across these fashionable photos of Emma Watson - aka Hermione - on Teen Vogue. Her clothes are to die for!


  1. I couldn't even make it through the first one without falling asleep.

  2. I'm so excited. It comes out the day before I leave for my Europe trip and will see it at midnight! Plus we're going to see the Hogwarts castle from the first 2 movies when we are in England! and some sights they filmed at in Oxford. Not to mention platform 9 3/4! I'm so excited!

  3. YESSS Harry Potter! Im excited.

    Yeah hermione's clothes are cute buut would anyone ever actually wear them around? Only models could I think

  4. Evonne was right your header is the best and your blog is purtey awesome. Nice to meet you the other night!!

  5. Shmallie - I think if you work in the right city and the right industry you could wear these clothes. Like a fashion magazine in Los Angeles for example....

  6. Why does Hermione still look likes she 12?

  7. Why do YOU still look like YOUR 12 huh, huh, huh? It's better to look young I think. Well. I dunno. There are pros and cons.

  8. Hey, I met you at the cupcake shop the other night! Love your blog!

    I'm so excited for the movie. I can't remember all the details from the book, so I definitely need a refresher!

    BTW, I majored in Art History at BYU, like your hubby.

  9. wow i want that house! ... someday! :) and sheesh those pics of emma are fabulous! wish i was that skinny but i like to eat too much. oh well :) i've got to show those to my kids though, we're doing a fashion shoot this year, i'm oober excited!


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