The One with 4th of July 2009 Part One

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I instantly fell in love with Nichole's amazing 4th of July cupcake toppers featured on the American Crafts blog last Thursday. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, eh? Thursday was a very productive day at work :)

This morning after helping my grandparents hose off and straighten their deck for an afternoon party, I came home to make cupcakes. Everything was going great, the cupcakes were baking in the oven, I had the sprinkles and frosting ready to go. I went to clean off the beater blades and I decided I better not lick the batter because there were raw eggs in it. But then I realized I forgot to put the eggs in in the first place. Haha. I'm losing it. So Chris ran to the BYU Creamery on 9th (which was no small feat as there are parades and marathons all over today which close roads and what not) and he got me a new mix. An hour later, we had the cutest cupcakes ever, if I do say so myself:I saved this cupcake for myself cuz it was my fave.
Everyone else seemed to like them too because they were gone within 5 minutes after the prayer blessing the food. MMMmmmmmph. Malm and her eye make me laugh in this picture.This is only a slice of what my 4th of July has been like so far. I saw EVERY SINGLE member of my extended family (and then some! on BOTH sides!) excluding my brother who is in Mexico for just three more weeks. We had two amazing lunches, went on a hike to a waterfall in the greenest mountains I've ever seen in Utah, and now I'm off to take my cousin Elizabeth to see the Jonas Brothers at the infamous Stadium of Fire. Just like last year!

This has been one of my top ten favorite days of my whole life. More to come tomorrow.


  1. those look SO cute and yummy. HAPPY FOURTH!

  2. Your cupcakes are freakin' adorable!! =) Oh, and I love your hair too! Happy 4th.

  3. Paige!!
    You ROCKED those cupcake toppers! I love them! I am flattered-so cool! :)
    Looks like one awesome 4th of July! I want a cupcake! :)

  4. Those cupcakes were good! My favorite photo is the "walking to Lost" picture.

  5. Mmmmm those cupcakes look delicious! I love cake in any form :)
    And P.S. I have the blue shirt your wearing too :) Yay for H&M!


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