The One with Timp Cave

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

You'd think Chris and I are outdoorsy people or something from this and the last post. But that's hardly the case - I'd do a lot of things just so I can blog about them.

I got off work early yesterday so my fam and I could hike to Timp Cave.
It was really hot and I'd just popped some Tums and Imodium (tmi? sorry!), but I didn't want to miss this opportunity.
Once again, Bianca and Allie wanted to stop at every switchback to take pictures.
But so did I.
This is one of the many switchbacks. It was a really steep climb in a mile and a half, but the trail is paved and there's lots of places to sit down so it really wasn't that bad.
Looking back down through the valley you can see American Fork.
And here we go! Hi ho!
Meh. It works.
Here are some pictures of the interior of the cave. This one looks like caramel.
It reminded me a lot of coral and things you'd see under the sea. I guess it makes sense since the whole mountain used to be under a lake thousands of years ago.
This is the "Heart of Timpanogas". It's a stalactite (not to be confused with stalagmite which comes up from the ground rather than down from the ceiling) and it's over 5 feet tall. It'll take a couple more hundred years or so before these formations touch.
Swirly twirly.Blurry, but still cool.
Some parts of the cave we had to duck or squeeze through small crevasses.It was a nice and cool 43 degrees inside the cave. Then back outside it was 90.
Fun hike!
We finished the evening by driving through the rest of the Alpine Loop and ended up back at the Taylor's cabin in Sundance. We enjoyed a delicious meal of spaghetti and garlic bread and had fun chatting with family.

I can't get enough of these ceilings in my great grandma's cabin. The color of the paint is exquisite!
Gimme the pantone number cuz I wanna know exactly what my new favorite color is please!


  1. I love caves! So weird and cool.

  2. I don't think that I could EVER get Paul to do this, but I would probably like it. =) I DEFINITELY want one of those blogger sweatshirts that I see in the photo's though!?! Can you fill me in?

  3. For three summers I worked as a tour guide in a nearby cave! I could recite my lines for years afterwards! Those photos are gorgeous, caves are beautiful!

  4. I love Timp but haven't been there forever. I have to go soon.
    AND...that color is FAB!


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