The One with Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Part 2

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I even went to work with a lightening bolt on my forehead. I'm a true fan.
I loved seeing all the people dressed up. The movie theater workers were all wearing costumes. I didn't get any pictures bad.They dangled candlesticks from the ceiling like in the Great Hall. They spared no expense.Lindsey came and sat on the floor with me for an hour and we people-watched.
Funny story/not so funny story - so I got to the theater at 4:30pm for the 6:05pm showing of Harry Potter. Yeah, an hour and a half early, because that's what you have to do in Provo if you want a good seat. There were already about 30 people in front of me when I arrived. A half hour before the show started they let people in the theater. They guy ripped our tickets and we turned left into the theater. We were wondering why it was all dark, but whatevs. We ran across the front and up the stairs to find good seats. Then we were wondering why Transformers 2 was playing? A new kind of movie trailer - letting you see other movies? We were so confused. Then the people behind us said, "You guys, we're in the middle of Transformers, you're in the wrong theater!" We booked it outta there and ran into the right theater, which was already filling up with people who had been waiting less time than we had and were getting better seats. No fair! Why oh why didn't the guy ripping our tickets tell us we were GOING INTO THE WRONG THEATER!?! What a nube. But we still found good seats so all's well that end's well. Here's Alisha and Lindsey saving seats for Nichole and Justin. Alisha - you owe me starbursts :)
Another funny story, and this one is actually funny, at one point in the movie, Luna Lovegood is standing there in her one-of-a-kind dress and made one of her random comments and Nichole turns to me and says, "I want to be her!" I replied, "You're well on your way." I meant that as nice as possible.

Afterwards we went to Five Guys. It was güd.

How was Harry Potter you ask? OMG. It was awesome. My favorite, hands down, by far. It was everything I wanted and more. My life is complete now.

My favorite line of the movie: "All hands on deck Hermione!"


  1. EEEEEEEEE! So good, right? So good. I loved it too! It's my new fave of the bunch which is saying a lot because my fave before this one was the first one!

  2. Hooray for Harry Potter!

    I loved it too! :D I SO didn't expect to laugh so hard. I loved laughing at all the silly teen-aged things going on. And our theatre was really fun because *everyone* was laughing all kinds. Awesome. :)

    We also hung out with some super cute 15 year olds (a guy and a girl) while standing in line. LOL. Hubby and I had a fun time chatting with them.

    I actually want to read the book again over the next few weeks and then go see it again. Am I weird?! LOL. :D

  3. Wait- you're a Potter fan and you LOVED the movie?! I can't believe it! I was sooo disappointed! The ending was terrible!! I know I am being critical, and I did enjoy parts of the movie, but overall I was way bummed!! I love your spirit- the lightning bolt is too much! Glad you had a great time!!

  4. Man I must be a poor sport because I thought that movie was the worst out of them all! It had hardly ANY action in it! I wasn't on my seat like the last one. Hopefully the next movies will beat this one! Chase (my hubby) said that the critics commented saying that was the best one yet. I think they have their heads screwed on wrong. Because the movies I like are the movies they hate. :) Glad you enjoyed it!


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