The One with Washington Trip Day 2

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Let's just call it what it is: a very random post.

My morning view. I love it.I've been so wrapped up in my scrapbooking life (which has been AWESOME) that I completely forgot that I have a whole nother option for my life: I graduated from BYU with a BA in Art Education! I can teach! I spent the better half of the morning figuring out how to get certified in California so I can become an art teacher. I found a school just 10 miles away from our apartment in South Pasadena looking for TWO art teachers. The only problem is I'm not certified in CA and I don't have other required certificates so we'll see how it goes. I'm mailing my application tomorrow morning though.
The other half of my morning was spent die cutting letters from brightly colored cardstock to create five posters to welcome home Eric tomorrow night.
I call the "Shoes." poster. It's just something Eric says, it's an inside joke I guess. Allie's gonna hold the "We've Missed You Enrique!" sign and the rest are up for grabs.
Then we went to church. It's always fun to see old friends.

Back home I went into my sister's room and snooped around. What are sisters for except to raid their rooms and borrow their clothes? I also made a discovery: apparently Allie is an artist. Am I surprised? No. That girl has more talent in her pinkie finger than I do in my entire body. This is my sister's room. Mattress on floor. Unmade bed. Self made paintings and guitars decorating the walls. Sigh. The bliss of teenage life.It's blazing hot in Washington this weekend. My parents don't have air conditioning because they'd only need it the three days a year it gets over 90 degrees. So here we are, enjoying the sunshine! I'll take it!Like father like son-in-law. Noses always stuck in books. My dad has a tarantula. His name is Timothy.I bought him for my dad for Father's Day a few years go. I'm such a good gift giver. Anybody else want one? Anybody? Anybody?
Look at his cute behind!
You likey? This land can be yours for the small price $380,000! House not included! Bonus: you'll live just down the street from my 'rents.
I took Chris on a walk through the neighborhood. Nuttin' too exciting. I saw a neat weed.


  1. Can I come home from somewhere so that you can make me a banner of some sort? Those are the cutest I've seen yet. You are so extremely talented.

    oooh, on the spider...grod-E!

  2. So happy you are having a great time! Love the signs you made and that artwork of your sister's is beautiful! Good luck with the art teacher stuff! How cool would that be?! So excited for you girlie!

    That tarantula gave me the eebie jeebies. Heehee! ;)

    Have a great day! :-D

  3. LOVE those banners and I am interested in hiring your sis! I loved her artwork! So vivid and beautiful.
    Anyho, I hope things go your way in Cali!

  4. The banners had me at hello! The spider, not as much. :)


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