The One with Home (is Where the Heart is)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh why oh why can't it be 7pm tomorrow? Cuz then I'll be HOME!!!
I haven't been home in eight months - since Thanksgiving! Who am I to complain though, Eric hasn't been home in two years.The thing is, it seems like the longer I'm away from Washington, the more I want to move back there. I miss the trees. I miss my dad's antennas.
I even miss the rain. Shhhhh....

I believe that there is nothing more beautiful on this earth than a sunny day in Redmond, WA.
30 hours and counting.


  1. I am SUPER excited to see you tomorrow. We're going to have SO much fun! You are my favorite oldest daughter ever!

  2. Can you pack my family in your luggage? I need a Washington fix!


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