The One with Sara Jayne's Bridal Shower

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My cousin Sara Jayne had a bridal shower up in Salt Lake last night. First off, check out the view from the person's house the event was held at - "Daaaang Gina!"
I had the best dinner ever: cupcakes, cookies and cake. So nutritious :)
The first present SJ opened was the cutest apron from anthro. I want one just to wear around, nevermind cooking in it.
I got asked to keep track of who gave which present, which I gladly obliged to and inserted silly commentary here and there.
I still don't know how I'm related to Allie - she's my cousin's child. So is she my second cousin? Great cousin? Cousin once removed? I could google it. BRB. I googled it and the official answer is: COUSIN ONCE REMOVED. Thank you google, I owe ya one.
The bridal shower attendees.
The new trend at bridal showers (at least it's new to me) is to have the groom show up at the end for a little meet'n'greet. Tyler shared how he and SJ met and then SJ told the proposal story. So cute.
Here's me and my cousin, SJ's sister, Maren. She's just as excited, if not more excited, for Eric to come home than my mom! They're two peas in a pod, Maren and Eric are.
Here's Sara Jayne and her two grandmas. They've all got the "modelesque-wind-blowing-through-hair" look going on. Twee twoo!
Just a few more weeks 'til Tyler and Sara Jayne are married! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll have pictures to share. Don't you know me at all!??!


  1. I always wondered how my cousin's children were related to me, not to mention a bunch of other people. It always confuses me for some reason. Thanks for the info. :) What a beautiful shower! Love the apron, too!

  2. According to Superstition, the guest who's gift is opened 3rd is next in line to get pregnant...looks like your it!! =)

  3. Uh oh. I'm a pretty superstitious person! Guess we better get to gettin' :)

  4. Oh, I LOVE Anthro aprons... she's a lucky gal! My very favoritest (you know... with the most food splatters...) apron is from Anthro, and I heart it. A lot. It hangs on my kitchen wall. LOL.

    Looks like a fun time!


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