The One with iPad Apps?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fox's 2nd birthday is tomorrow and as a present we got him ourselves an iPad! We're finally in the loop :) 
I'm flying BY MYSELF with Fox and Jane next week and one of the biggest reasons we got an iPad is to help me travel. Or really, to help keep Fox happy while I'm holding Jane. I only have so many hands!
So now we have this new toy and I want to realize its full potential!
What are some must-have apps? 
Free is best of course, but if they're essential we might throw down a couple of bucks. Lemme know lemme know lemme know! I'm looking for apps for kids as well as adults!


  1. I don't have kids, so mom-Apps from me!

    FLIPBOARD!!! (for Reading your Blogs, tweets, Facebook, whatever in a more enjoyable Way!)

    Cut the Rope (Game)

    Cookbooks (no Special App., just Books)

    Lovely greetings from over the Ocean

  2. Monkey Preschool lunch box for Fox.

  3. can't advise for kid games but i love..."my fitness pal", "draw something" and "instagram".

  4. There is an AWESOME LDS sing-along, and it's BY FAR, Hattie's favorite one! She only gets to watch it during the last 20 minutes of our drive to San Antonio. LOL. That's when we need it most. Tee hee. ;-) (I think it's good not to show them the apps when you're not traveling or else they get bored when you need the most... :-( )

    There is also an "I Love Colors" book that she loves.

    Both were free.

  5. your dad works at Google and your brother works at Microsoft and you get an iPad???


  6. Little Fox! It's free and my five year olds love it as much as my one year old!

  7. Brooklyn loves PBS kids and Netflix (but they wont work without wifi) easybake oven (girly:) coloring, shapes, and children's sing along (primary songs)

  8. My 3 year old son loves Animal Phone, all of the Sandra Boynton books apps - these ones aren't free but are the best money we've ever spent on apps, Sesame Street Monster at the end of this book, Agnitus, Duplo Jams and Lego 4+. The apps that I love are Plants vs Zombies, Pinterest, soundhound, Slacker for free music, and Matching with friends. Enjoy the iPad!

  9. Jewels with Buddies and World of Yahtzee so we can play each other! Nook, PBS Kids, Dsiney Channel and Disney Junior, Mickey Mouse Road Rally, Toy Story, Mad Wig Out is funm Pirate School. ToothBrush is good for helping them time how long they brush and tell them where to brush.

  10. HOOOOOORAY! Fox is so lucky:)

    I hope that your travels with the kids goes well!! I am not sure what apps to get--but I'm sure if you search for games, kids, age 2....that will give you lots to pick from:)

    HUGS! and Happy birthday, FOX!!!!!!!!


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