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Monday, October 1, 2012

Chris is going to dental school through the army - in exchange for paying for tuition we will go wherever they assign us for 4 years. Those 4 years are fast approaching - next May. Less than 8 months away. I thought by now we would know where we're going but apparently we won't know until next March which probably means April. Or May. Or later... We got a list of potential places in the world we could get sent to. We can tell them our top choices, but there's no guarantee we'll get assigned to any of those places. Where in the world do I want to live for 4 years based on this list?? I've pretty much placed them in order of preference. It'd be freakin' awesome to live in Germany or Hawaii for 4 years. If not, then I want to be close to family in WA or CO. After that, I don't really care - home is wherever Chris, Jane, and Fox are!

Tripler, HI 
Ft. Richardson, AK 

Ft. Lewis, WA 
Ft. Carson, CO  
Ft. Sam Houston, TX
Ft. Hood, TX  
Ft. Bliss, TX 
Ft. Knox, KY 
Ft. Campbell, KY
Ft. Jackson, SC
Bethesda, Washington DC 
Ft. Benning, GA
Ft. Stewart, GA 
Hunter Army AF, GA 
Ft. Rucker, AL 
Carlisle Barracks, PA 
Ft. Meade, MD 
Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD 
Ft. Meyer, VA 
Ft. Belvoir, VA 
Ft. Eustis, VA 
Ft. Lee, VA 
Ft. Polk, LA 
Ft. Drum, NY 
West Point, NY 
Ft. Sill, OK 
Ft. Leavenworth, KS 
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO
Monterrey, CA 
Ft. Irwin, CA 

Where would you live? Seriously, I'm curious, are some places better than others?


  1. Germany and HI would be my top picks too!

  2. found you via pinterest =)
    such an adorable little family
    you have!

    also, what a great tradeoff- getting dental school paid for and being able to explore new surroundings!

    newest follower
    come check it out!

  3. Monterey, CA is GORGEOUS. I would move there in a heartbeat for sure if it were lucrative for us ;) Also anywhere in VA (where I'm from) is a great pretty on the east coast. You would love it. What an exciting adventure!

  4. Germany, my bf is from there and will have to go back in a year. :/

  5. I've always envied people in this position. Like "Surprise, your new life is going to be in...!" Then if you hate, wasn't your fault....

    Like someone spins the wheel for you.

    I would love to live abroad. So I would hope for an overseas gig. Not too many chances in life to discover another culture by living within.

  6. Fort Drum, NY! I live in upstate NY and there is so much here. Gorgeous lakes, amazing seasons, fabulous camping and little canal towns that make for amazing day trips. If you gotta be in the states, that one wouldn't be too bad.

  7. Well, *I'm* hoping for Ft. Hood in TX, so you'll be about 90 minutes away from me! HA! ;-)

    HI would be AWESOME! Never been, but oh, I want to go so badly. :-/

    Personally, I wouldn't want to be in a different country where I had to learn a new language, have different food ALL the time, plus getting to see my family and friends very little. :-( Visiting, I would love, but I think I'd have a very hard time moving. And I've pretty much been happy everywhere. :-) I may not like Ft. Irwin, CA, either though because that's smack dab in the desert. LOL. :-p I'm surprised that Newport, RI, isn't on there. That place is awesome. That's where we were stationed for 4 years. :-) (They *do* have Army there, *and* dental clinics on base... so maybe! LOL. :-p )

    I hear Ft. Benning in GA is gorgeous... Steph Howell was just stationed there, and they loved it! :-) You'd probably love Savannah! :-)

  8. I was just going to say, Steph Howell was just in Ft. Benning. She was also in Ft. Hood. She actually was on the west side of GA first, then Savannah. Before those two, it was Ft. Hood. I would take the East coast. So much history and so much to see. Beautiful seasons. I too think I would stay state side. Knowing the Army, you will get notice at the last minute, unfortunately. :) I do hope you get one of your choices. :)

  9. Hawaii would me my top pick. My second would be the New England area, although that would make for some cold winters.

    Oops. Ok first is Japan. I visited my sister-in-law in Japan while she was living there. I LOVED it!!! To this day, that is still my most favorite trip...if I hadn't had a job back then, I think I would have stayed.

  10. Australia is not on the list ={

  11. Wow, that's a ton of places...I would pick Washington or Colorado. Love the mountains!

  12. Definitely move Korea above Japan! Also, I take it you're excited about leaving CA since that's at the bottom of the list? You may want to talk to Peter about Ft. Jackson and then move that further down.

  13. Ft. Knox is in my parents ward and my mom is the RS president :) She doesn't a good job!

  14. I am constantly thinking about this too! We're also contemplating Germany. We think it would an amazing experience and when else would you get the chance to do that??

    If Germany doesn't happen, I would take the east coast in a heartbeat, I miss it so much and hope to convert Dan!! =)

  15. Do NOT PICK:

    Ft Polk
    Ft Bliss (el paso, drug cartels, etc)
    I was stationed at both of those places.

    Absolutely loved Ft Lewis! There you have my 2 cents.

  16. 4 years ! My first choice would be USA and Japan !
    If you come to germany we will be very close!! :)

  17. Several here in Georgia.. you might end up in our back yard :)

  18. ummm I am not keen on Germany!!! I would rather live in Hawaii or Japan (lots of nice scrappy stuff there!)> Seriously I have been to Japan and Germany and would pick Japan anytime!!!!

  19. DO NOT pick Ft Knox!!! The surrounding area of Radcliff is awful, the city is really not where I would want to raise fact I used to live there and left!! On base may be better. Ft Campbell is WONDERFUL!!! People there are so much friendlier...must be a southern thing :)

  20. Come to Ft. Meade, we would only be 15 mins away!!! We can scrap together and our boys can play together :) :)

  21. But if you're gonna go to a different country, I'd pick Hawaii! But I hear, it's expensive to live there.

  22. wow, that's exciting and scary at the same time. It wouldn't matter where I lived if I had my family with me. It will be fun to keep up with your adventures where ever you end up! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  23. Gosh what an adventure! I would definitely choose Germany or Hawaii! We live about 45min from ft. Knox though:) I cant say that I've ever visited there though so not sure what its like.

  24. We loved texas! Oklahoma was at the bottom of my list when we got assigned there for a year...but now i would go back in a heartbeat it is a great place to raise kids!

  25. You've picked some good ones. Kyle's mom was stationed in Germany with her family and it was her favorite. Also, I'd rank your MD spots higher for two words alone – fresh crab :)

  26. Monterey, CA!!!!! totally gorgeous!!!! I've been there several times and it is sooo pretty there!!!!
    TX or WA are always good. Germany for overseas!!!

  27. Wherever you go, please make sure to get a big enough apartment for visitors! Funny how California is at the bottom of your list.

  28. I think if I were to pick someplace in the U.S., I'd have to pick Hawaii. If I got to live in a different country, I'd choose Germany or Japan. I've been to Germany and loved it, and have always wanted to go to Japan!

  29. stay in cali PLEASE!
    or Hawaii. or anywhere that is fun to visit!!

  30. What a list!!! I love that you are willing to go wherever! I lived in Germany and taught on a military base--it was SO FUN!!! So I vote for Germany!! <3

  31. same HI, Germany, Ft. Lewis--it's JUST down the way from my nanny's house!

  32. Germany n- we lived in Holland for three years so I imagine Germany would be great too
    I think Japan would be exciting-

  33. Maryland or Virginia. My family lives there and I have ALWAYS wanted to move back. Plus you can never get enough of the warm ocean, the sites and the smooth skin and hair... :)


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