The One with Solo in Washington Day 4

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Good thing I brought lots of warm clothes for the kiddos! It's half as warm here as in California. Fox looks so cute all bundled up in lots of layers. We woke up, played, ate breakfast, exercised, got ready for the day, and then headed to Google for lunch - a must when I'm home!
I texted this picture of me holding Fox and Jane to Chris and he replied, "You've got your hands full!" and I responded, "You should see my heart!" That's my favorite comeback to that statement :)
My dad doesn't like to brag, but he's literally the guy who made text messaging possible on Android phones. He's kind of a big deal :)
Pretty flowers outside the buildings.
Fox ate a few chips, a few bites of string cheese, and a whole bunch of blackberries for lunch. I had a yummy sandwich. And three cookies. Shame on me.
Dad's new desk overlooks the Kirkland waterfront. Gorg!
After lunch my plan was to meet a friend (more about that later on) but I had lots of time to kill so I drove all around The Plateau visiting my old stomping grounds. It's so nice to see all the pretty leaves changing color.
Here's the church building where I went to two years of seminary. The first two years were in a member's house. 
Go Wolves!
Then I drove over to my high school. 
I must have looked like such a creeper taking pictures out the window!
I took a lap around the building and what-do-you-know, it was fate, the stars aligned, because I saw my favorite teacher walking to his car! I didn't stop to say hi because there's no way in a million years he'd remember me, but he sure made an impression on my impressionable youthful self.
Zoomed in.
I'm so glad Mr. Monahan is still teaching and molding young minds.

Then I went to see my friend Lyndsey. I met her my last day working at American Crafts - she had just moved to Utah from Pasadena and I was moving from Utah to Pasadena. That's just the beginning of our twins-ish but opposite lives. She did an internship in Parker - where Chris is (sort of) from. We have boys just a few months apart. Now she lives in the same ward as my parents in Redmond, WA. Oh, and we got iPads on the same exact day. My iPad died and I forgot the charger so I asked her if I could juice it up at her house and let the boys play for a minute. They have the ultimate play room!
I wanted to get some pictures of us and the first one was really bad lighting (so I converted it to black/white) and then when we moved to a different room with natural light Fox had a tantrum so that's the story behind him in the color photo. 
Back at home I took a nap then I tried to keep Gypsy alive because Fox was loving on her so much. He seriously LOOOOVES Gypsy. Their relationship is pretty darn cute.
Then I got us all ready for another outing - this time meeting some friends for dinner at kid-friendly Red Robin. 
Pretty leaves in the gutter outside the restaurant.
I asked Uncle Eric and Aunt Tanya to come along to help me with Fox. 
Tanya played with Fox all night - you can tell he adores her! Jane was a good girl in her carseat and in my arms. 
I met up with my friends Katie and Jen - we were really good friends in Junior High and then lost touch but through the power of Facebook and blogging we reconnected and now we're all grown up and have babies!
It was so fun to catch up and talk about mom stuff like giving birth and husbands being obsessed with football :) Jaden is so super cute Jen and I'm so excited for Nash to be born in a few weeks Katie!
Back at home I put Fox to bed and then we settled in to watch Hocus Pocus - Best. Halloween. Movie. E.V.E.R.

Pretty sure I could quote the entire movie start to finish. Yes, I'm 12.


  1. Great pics!!!! And I gotta say... since I absolutely hate talking on the phone... I am a little in love with your Dad! *wink* :)

  2. Looks like another fun day! I miss you guys!

  3. It looks gorgeous! And Hocus Pocus is the greatest! I'll quote it with you, anytime of the year!!

  4. You did quote the entire movie, and I loved it!!! Too funny! And thank you for Red Robin ;)

  5. you go girl! This looks like SO MUCH FUN! Enjoy!!

  6. we were so glad you came over for a little while! and hocus pocus is my FAVE too. "we desire...children." "well, might take me a couple of tries, but i think i can help you out." LOL. gets me every time.

  7. Your Dad's view shows the street we used to live off of!! We literally live just around the corner. All these pictures of WA make me miss it sooooo much! Your kids are adorbs!

  8. Awww so good to see what my old hometown looks like, I haven't been there in a while! And I totally have driven through the Eastlake parking lot like a creeper too, so you're not alone!


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