The One with Solo in Washington Day 9

Thursday, October 25, 2012

There's no place like home! But is home in Seattle or Los Angeles? Home is wherever my heart is and my heart is my family so I say both :) Before Dald went to work he hoisted Fox up to see the giant wooden "Dumbo" on top of the bookshelf. My mom and I both whipped out our phones to take a picture - she used her flash which explains the iron-man glow.
Let's just say flying back was infinitely worse than flying here.
Both Fox and Jane are congested so with all the altitude changes they were pretty miserable through the flights home - 2 times up, 2 times down. 
Fox cried and screamed a lot. 
They wouldn't let me board early.
I didn't get help from strangers with the carseat like last time.
And the best worst part is none of my bags made it!! Apparently they were never loaded onto the plane in Seattle. So that was awesome. Luckily they came on a later flight and were delivered to me at 8pm. 
Oh, and then the power randomly went out just after we put the kids to bed so we couldn't relax in front of the TV like I wanted to so badly. Cherry on top! What a day!

But let's not end on a sour note. I had sooooo much fun in Washington! I'm glad I blogged our daily events no matter how big or small so I can look back and remember fondly. Chris especially loved seeing what we were up to. 

On another note, here is a photo of my mom and Allie - both about 6th grade. 
Kinda creepy how similar they look right?
Same forehead, same hair length, same exact slightly upturned smile, so on and so forth.
A little eeriness for the spookiest of holidays!


  1. sorry about the rough flight but i'm glad you made it home safe! fun to see you this week. and i think it is seriously freaky how much allie looks like your mom. i actually notice that a lot whenever i look at either one of them :)

  2. Oh gosh, not looking forward to those flights in the future. Sounds terrible. And those photos are just too funny!
    xo TJ

  3. So sorry you had a rough time getting home... but so happy they got your luggage to you!!


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