The One with Solo in Washington Day 6

Monday, October 22, 2012

Poor Foxy was up for the day at 5am - he hasn't been sleeping very well here. I on the other hand was not ready to be up for the day at 5am. So we hung out on my bed with baby Jane and Shrek until the sun was up.
This girl will strain her neck any which way to look at a movie screen... we better be careful!
Fox has been having an exceptionally alarming amount of tantrums here. I simply gave up and tossed him one of Jane's stinkin' pacifiers. And you know what? His tantrums decreased instantaneously. Man alive. He was six weeks sober pacifier-less so I know he doesn't "need" it, but I do.
 He must have been so exhausted because he fell asleep like this right before we were leaving for church:
We were a little late to Sacrament meeting, but he doesn't sit through it anyway and in fact got right up and wandered the halls as soon as we walked in and sat down.

Sweet baby Jane.
Jane giving the stink eye. // This picture of Jane on the right was taken with my dad's cell phone - straight out of the camera, no editing except to size it down. I need to get me the kind of top secret phone he has!
There was another rainstorm after church followed by sunshine. 
Rain and sunshine = rainbows! Thanks Tanya for the lovely photo :)
Fox was up to all kinds of mischief - peeking through the stair slats, climbing in Gypsy's cage, etc.
To release some of his pent up energy we headed outside.
Allie took some pictures of me - I was wearing her skirt and I liked it a lot. I spy a running Allie in the right photo.
Grandpa made a ginormous cupcake for Fox's birthday part 2. Even Jane had her eyes on it!

When we were singing "Happy Birthday" to Fox he froze and zoned out. It was so funny. Same stale face the entire song.
After dinner I put Fox to bed and Uncle Eric held Jane for awhile. He's getting pretty good at this baby business! He's going to be a great dad some day. Hopefully sooner rather than later!
Only 2.5 more days left in Washington - better live 'em up!


  1. Sorry Fox man has been so difficult! I think he just misses his dad :)

    And baby Jane is the most beautiful little girl in the world! We done good!

  2. Aw, Eric is becoming a natural. So glad he has a little niece and nephew to practice on for the real deal some day ;)

  3. aw, I bet Fox misses his daddy! There's no place like home... literally... :)

  4. Awwwwwww poor Fox!! I loveeeeee the giant cupcake!!!

  5. What cuties you have. I love your skirt - you are so pretty!


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