The One with Solo in Washington Day 5

Sunday, October 21, 2012

We took advantage of the TV and DVD player in my room when Fox woke up at 5am and watched a little bit of Shrek before everyone else in the house woke up.
It was freezing outside, almost literally, so I dressed Jane up in Fox's old Ewok outfit to keep her nice and toasty.
She looks like a cute little bear :) Later on it warmed up so I changed her into something not made for the arctic. Jane's new talent is shoving her entire fist in her mouth. Side note: I think her eyes are bluer than Fox's ever were. I wonder if they'll stay blue? I hope so!
We took a drive out to the Grocery Outlet in Monroe. My dad was craving some kind of ice cream which they didn't even have this time, wah wah. 
Pretty plants outside.

Industrial stacks of some sort.
"Punkins!"// I made us stop at this old barn on the drive home cuz I like it.

Geez I just can't get over how pretty it is here!
Back at home we made some lunch then I headed over to Eric and Tanya's abode with Fox and Jane. It was so nice because it's carpeted and small so Fox couldn't wander off and get lost - he was always within eyesight. Makes me want to live in a small apartment until all the kiddos are self-sufficient!
Fox was entranced by Uncle Eric playing the guitar.

He nestled right up to E&T while watching the BYU football game. Then Tanya chased him around on hands and knees which he thought was a blast.

Reading Harry Potter. In Spanish. Poor Chris has been replaced :(

I love Fox's hand on Eric's shoulder and everything - so precious.
Fox found Jane's pacifier and flirted with it for awhile - pretending to put it in his mouth and what not. He knows he's grown out of it so letting him play with it was funny to watch.

Hangin' out with my daughter.
There was a torrential rainstorm and then the sun came out and lit up all the trees and this beautiful red barn.
After dinner I drove with Allison down to the movie theater and met up with Eric and Tanya to see Pitch Perfect. 
Malm and Dald so graciously watched Fox and Jane. It was the first time I'd been without them in six days. It was bliss. Am I allowed to say that? I love them to pieces but man I needed this night out! While I was out they attempted to bake a giant sized cupcake for Fox's 2nd birthday part two...
Pitch Perfect was just as funny the second time as the first!
I wanna see it again! And again! And again!


  1. I love that little ewok outfit! We've had two cute little bears!

    Those pictures of Fox playing with the pacifier are hilarious. Silly guy!

    And he is gonna be ground big time if he replaces me! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, Jane in that little ewok outfit is probably about the most adorable thing I've ever seen!!! Sooo cute!!

  3. I am sooo happy to hear someone else that loved Pitch Perfect as much as we do...aca-awesome indeed. :) We have gone 3 times to see it.

  4. I love the pictures of Fox with his Uncle, so cute together! And Jane just looks adorable in that bear outfit! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Gorgeous photos! I am so glad you got a night out! Yay for mom and dad for giving you a break!


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