Baden-Baden, Germany

Saturday, March 4, 2017

The last stop of our Schwarzwald adventure was Baden-Baden, Germany's grandest 19th century spa resort.

The Black Forest region is where Germans come to relax and recuperate from their busy, hectic lives, as well as from medical aliments. In fact, the German health care system will even pay for up to a three week stay at health spas in the area if prescribed by a doctor!! 
Baden-Baden was the playground of Europe's high-rolling elite around 150 years ago. Today, it remains incredibly popular. I can see why!

We started exploring the town at the casino that was built in the 1850s. Marlene Dietrich called this the most beautiful casino in the world.
Next stop was the trinkhalle which reminded us of the spa town Karlovy Vary in Czechia.
The hall is now home to the main TI as well as a cafe and ticket agency.
Looking back towards town from the portico.
Kaiser Wilhelm and his fancy 'stache stand guard in front of the hall.
The Oosbach River flows through town.
This place is hoity-toity! Definitely full of 19th century grandeur.
For February in Germany, the weather was pretty dang good all weekend. We stayed dry and it was a good 10 to 15 degrees warmer here than back home in Bavaria.
Climbing the hill up Hirschstrasse towards the Marktplatz.
I'd love to see these vines in summer.
Cute alley.
Eventide in town.
Colored shutters.
The "New Castle" stands above Market Square. Supposedly it's owned by a wealthy Kuwaiti woman who has plans to turn it into a five-star hotel.
The town's Catholic church stands on the spot that has marked the center of town since Roman times. In fact, this was the spot where there "emperor's spa" stood in antiquity. The spa is still there, but not open to the public. Workers annually access the ancient site to clean the sumptuous marble. Because the church sits atop the spa, it's warm and muggy all year round. In fact, the church doesn't even have a heating system.
Modern art installation of three water jugs, reminders of the Roman spas that were once here.
My tour guide.
We walked along behind the Roman-Irish Bath, the Friedrichsbad. This bathhouse pampered the rich and famous in its elegant surroundings since its opening in 1877.
Looking out towards the high-rent hills opposite the Friedrichsbad.
Looking back up at the baths.
Statue on Willy-Brandtplatz.
Down below this square is an ancient spa ruin and museum.
Next we headed down Gernsbacherstraße. Over the years this neighborhood has seen the likes of Dostoyevsky, Mark Twain, Johannes Brahams, and Russian princes call it home.
Our tour of town ended on Augustaplatz.
What a fun place! It'd be a great spot for a romantic getaway. *hint hint, Chris*
A quick video of bits-and-pieces of our walk through town. The tolling of church bells is one of my favorite sounds in the whole wide world.
Our family in Baden-Baden on Sunday February 19th 2017.

That concludes this trip! Lots more coming up soon!


  1. What a gorgeous town!!! I can just imagine visiting there when it was in it's glory! LOVING Jane's face in that last photo! LOL!!! Too cute!!!!!

  2. Loved the bells!! I saw the flowering vines--amazing--when we were there in August--a lovely tour--thank you hugs, Julierose


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