Bookbinding in Berlin Summary

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Last weekend I had the fun opportunity to teach a bookbinding class in Berlin - thanks to Cathleen Kick for organizing the event!

I drove up on Friday night and awoke the next morning to a beautiful sun-shining, cloudless day!
Gotta load up on carbs for classes! I don't usually eat while I'm teaching so I eat a big breakfast to get me through the day. McDonald's for the win. I'm not ashamed :)
My favorite German word.
Driving on cobbled streets to the workshop.
The calm before the storm ;)
Cathleen has an online store and brought lots of goodies so people could shop. One of everything please!
Demonstrating how to paint the covers.
Between instructions I walk around and help those that need help and check on everyone's progress.
My scrappy friend Laureen Wagener (@madamerosenrot on instagram) has come with her BFF Sarah to three of my classes now! It's always such a treat - she is super talented and sweet and kind and helped me a lot as a translator.
Friends from near and far came to learn how to bookbind.
Full house!
I make a book too as I'm demonstrating and gave this one to Cathleen as a thank you gift.
I borrowed a few of Sandra Dietrich's photos off her instagram (@mojosanti - thank you!!) including her own progress shot of her book:
This is how you do this and this and that and that - and then you have a book!
My book mid-sewing.
A few of the participants' books:
Cool cover!

The absolute very best part of teaching bookbinding is seeing all the finished books lined up in a row.
I love how we all use the same supplies, but each book is different and unique.
Every single attendee was able to complete her book, so I'd call the class a success!
Now practice practice practice! The more you make these books the easier it gets.
Good work girls!
Group photo!
 One more view of all the pretties lined up.
A video of snippets traveling to Berlin and teaching:
I had a WONDERFUL time teaching bookbinding in Berlin! Hopefully some day I can come back!
If you are interested in learning how to create these kinds of books, I do have an online class available here:


  1. How fun! LOVING all the photos!!!!!!!

  2. I hope when you get back to the states, that I get to come to one of these classes...:)

  3. Wow so much prettiness. Must be very fulfilling to teach people to make such beautiful things. I even love the yellow book and I'm not very fond of yellow lol.

  4. WOW...that is so neat. I loved looking at all the pictures. And all those beautiful books. Just so cool. I am working on my book, but I'm afraid I'll mess up. I keep looking at it and touching the supplies, and I've watched the video 3 times now, but haven't got very far. After seeing these pictures I feel a little braver....maybe tomorrow I'll get it done.


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