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Monday, March 6, 2017

I made 6 coptic books to give as gifts to Jackie, Sam, and Sheena for organizing another Birds of a Feather event, plus one for me, and two more for other event organizers in the future :)
I had a lot of Take Me Away paper, buttons, and paperclips leftover from previous classes so I decided to make all 6 the same and all using those same supplies.

Each book is 4x6" and ready to be decorated and used as a journal, scrapbook, smashbook, book review book, travel book, or anything else the receiver can think of!
I used washi tape to cover the boards into geometric sections and then painted each section a different color, doing all the same sections at a time, then switching colors. The acrylic paint I used dries super fast so by the time I was done with all 6 of one section the first was ready for a second coat. And I tried to use colors that matched Take Me Away.
I used a combination of patterned papers, colored cardstock, and white cardstock to make the signatures (groups of paper).
The book lays completely flat which is super handy for writing in it.

The epoxy charms are actually from the Take Me Away paper clips - because they have loops they are PERFECT to use as charms! The Take Me Away buttons have holes so those were ready to be tied into the binding. I also added three small pearls and two jewels to each book.
I used white thread instead of colors A) because I have a LOT of white thread and I wanted them to all be the same and B) because I think colors would have blended into the covers so I like how the white POPS!
Making these books assembly line style streamlined the process and they all came together over just two days.
I've never made covers like this with lots of sections of color so it was a fun experiment and another reason I need to keep one for my ever-growing collection ;)

It was fun to look at these books all lined up, but even more fun to give them away!
My dad thinks I'm crazy for painting wood - he's an all-natural kind of guy :)
I think I'm going to add some embellishments to the center there... just gotta figure out what!
I love making coptic books, I love the exposed binding, I love how they have so many different uses, I just love love love them.
As always, if you're interested in learning how to make these coptic books, I have an online class here:


  1. Love love love love these!! LOVING how you did the shapes on the covers and loving the paint colors you chose!!!! And how sweet that you are gifting these! I know they will appreciated them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are gorgeous! I love the way you have painted them as you get the beautiful colours in great patterns but you also get the wood in between. I too love making things for other people. I'm sure all the recipients will absolutely love them :-)

  3. WOW all so beautiful I LOVE them.

  4. I love the painted wood covers. The color blocking is genius!!! Thank you for your immense inspiration.

  5. Love them all! Love the idea of doing an assembly line. I'm going to try that. Also the pain is GORGEOUS!

  6. These books are so fun! I love how you painted the covers :)


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