Stratford-upon-Avon, England

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Our last stop this trip was in the hometown of William Shakespeare: Stratford-upon-Avon.

We stopped by Anne Hathaway's house (not the actress but Shakespeare's wife) and passed this row of colorful-doored brick homes along the way.

This half-timbered, thatched roof home was Anne's house. To visit and walk around the grounds cost a pretty penny so we opted out, but I'm glad we still got to see it since it's right on the street.
At the harbor is a wonderful monument to Shakespeare complete with statues of some of his most famous characters such as Hamlet.

Boats on the River Avon.
Our little Jane is chock-full of personality and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She was a little grumpy.
Even without the connection to Shakespeare, Stratford is full of half-timbered charm and an appealing core to stroll and explore.

The pedestrianized Henley Street near Shakespeare's birth home.
We stopped bringing our stroller on adventures awhile ago. It's working out well ;)
This is the house where William Shakespeare was born.
Town details.

Eventually we made our way back towards the river to see Shakespeare's final resting place in the Holy Trinity Church.
The church is surrounded by an evocative graveyard but the Bard is entombed inside.
The church also marks the ninth-century birthplace of the town which was once a religious settlement.
Inside the church.

The grave of the poet William Shakespeare.

It was an absolutely luscious day weather-wise.
Americans have made a lot of important contributions to the town, including funding entirely the Swan Theater renovation for the Royal Shakespeare Company.
One of these is not like the other (the little white/brown house sticking out from the red brick ones).
Short video of Stratford-upon-Avon (mostly Jane doing her thing outside the church):
Our family in Stratford-upon-Avon on Monday March 6th 2017:
The next day we headed back to Germany! We had such a fun time exploring the Midlands of England! Can only hope to be back soon :)


  1. You all made so much of your time on this UK visit-it has been great to share all your adventures with you and your family as well as having a great time at the Saturday BOAF workshop!

  2. What a beautiful town! Too bad it cost so much for the tour of her house! And loving the new stroller -- it looks a lot like Chris!! LOL!! :)

  3. I LOOOOVED this English adventure you took us on! I especially enjoyed the videos--I can't believe how big Fox and ms. Jane are getting--thanks so much for taking us along with you! ;)


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