Cadbury World

Saturday, March 11, 2017

No stop in the Birmingham area is complete without a trip to Cadbury World! 
Located in the home of Cadbury just outside of Birmingham, Cadbury World is a unique exhibition devoted to the fascinating story of chocolate and the Cadbury brand.
Pure joy!

When you get your ticket checked to enter the exhibits the employee just starts piling candy in your hands. Dreams do come true!

As you walk through the first exhibit you trace the history of chocolate from its origins in ancient Mexico up to the modern day.
A recreation of the storefront where John Cadbury first starting selling tea, coffee, and his exotic chocolate drink next door to his father's fabric store.
Cute window display.
Love this old-timey advertisement. So pretty!
The backlot at Cadbury World has a playground and a fun 4-D theater. It was raining so sadly the playground was closed. But the 4-D theater was quite a laugh!
Watching chocolate get made. It was mesmerizing.
Cute Fox in front of a cute mural. (But for reals, what's with the bunny??)
Smile for the camera! Our family at Cadbury World on Friday March 3rd 2017.
Cadbury also does custom handmade creations for customers. These employees are artists!
Sampling some warm, gooey chocolate fresh off the conveyor belt with toppings of your choosing, I got fudge.
You exit the exhibit through heaven... I mean the world's largest Cadbury store.
The. Best.

So much good stuff. We may have bought one or two things :)
In the backlot looking at the factory. Cadbury moved out to this area in 1895 and built schools, houses, and more around their factory for their employees. "Nobody ever goes in. Nobody ever goes out." :)
A few little snippets of our afternoon at Cadbury World:
Partial family selfie outside Cadbury World in Bournville Village, Birmingham, UK.
Next up is a recap of teaching at Birds of a Feather along with the 4 layouts we made!


  1. Looks like you all had a really "sweet" time!

  2. I would be over the MOON to visit there!!!! But you are right ... what is up with that bunny? It's like Jessica Rabbit's kid! LOL! These photos are the BEST!!!!


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