Warwick, England

Saturday, March 18, 2017

The quaint little town of Warwick is home to Britain's finest medieval castle which dominates the banks of the River Avon.

Despite having one of the most visited sights in Britain, Warwick town itself seems to just go about its business. 
After we parked near the castle we had a few minutes before it opened so we went out to explore.
I love England. I want to live here.
MINT DOOR! Be still my heart.
Colorful doors galore.

Love these tiles on the steps and the mossy rocks.

The most photogenic building in town is the Lord Leycester Hospital, a gaggle of higgledy piggledy adjoining 14th century half-timbered houses.
More half-timbered charm
So British, amiright?!
Spring is coming! Spring is coming! 'Cept, these aren't real haha.
When we first drove into town and were trying to find the castle we passed by this beautiful timbered building and I had to go back and get a photo of it. Mission accomplished.
Looking down towards St. Nicholas church.
Which way should we go?
St. Nicholas. You can climb the tower (which I did).
Inside the church there are some lovely tombs of some of the old earls.

Views from the top of the tower.

I spy Warwick Castle. It was cool to see it from afar before seeing it up close.
Back at street level we walked over towards Market Place.
Even without the castle this town is so cute it warrants a stop.
After exploring the town we headed back to what we came to see: the castle!
The castle is a 14th and 15th century fortified shell holding an 18th and 19th century royal residence all surrounded by a marvelous landscape.
The cash-strapped but enterprising current Earl of Warwick hired Merlin Entertainment (owners of many of the UKs big attractions) to revamp the castle and grounds and make it into almost a medieval theme park.
They've packed the place with entertaining exhibits and demonstrations wile still preserving the history of the place. There were school tours galore and the kids seemed to be loving it.
Inside the residence the cavernous great hall is full of arms and armor.
Throughout the castle they've staged it with wax figures to give visitors a sense of what life was like in the castle circa the turn-of-the-century. I've never seen anything like this before in all of the palaces and castles we've toured and I LOVED it! It was neat to feel like flies on the wall seeing what life would have looked and sounded like - there were people "talking" and babies "crying", bath water "running" etc.
Although it was a little disconcerting to walk into a room and be startled by a life-like figure! It got me every time I swear! But ultimately it was a super duper cool addition.
Window details.
My hubby and immaculately detailed wood.

While touring you get to see Waterford crystal chandeliers, coffered ceilings, and more.
The study. One of the wax figures here was a young Winston Churchill.
A grander version of our library, complete with pink couch ;)
It was fun to trace the development of the castle from formidable defensive fortress to a genteel Victorian manor home.

Mirror selfie.

For reals!
Fox and a giant soup pot and the castle.

Back outside we climbed The Mound which is where the original Norman castle of 1068 stood.

Looking down on the main residence portion of the castle from the mound. I wouldn't mind living here.

Lovely surrounding English countryside. I wish we had had the time to walk around the grounds!
Cutest. PINK. Caretaker cottage. Ever.
The River Avon.
While driving to our next destination we stopped on the bridge so I could snap some more photos.
Warwick snippets:
Our family at Warwick Castle on Monday March 6th 2017.

Last destination of this adventure through the Midlands: Shakespeare's hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon!


  1. How fun!!! You know the ghosts of the castles probably don't appreciate their wax-like statues! LOL!!! I WANT that PINK couch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I live in Suffolk (UK) and I went to Warwick castle years ago when I was courting! This bought back so many memories for me, especially my husband banging his head in a turret and me trying to walk up shallow, winding concrete stairs in high heels! Those were the days. Stratford upon Avon is beautiful. So much history. If you visit UK again you must go to Hampton Court Palace, your children will love it.


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