Fall Break in Seattle

Monday, October 28, 2019

Over Fall Break in October we headed up to Seattle to see my family. We got some pretty views of downtown and the Space Needle as we were landing at the Sea-Tac airport.
 First stop: Blazing Bagels of course! Best bagels we've ever had anywhere. We crave them often.
 It was the day after Fox's 9th birthday and he requested Grandma make sugar cookies. Delicious!
 Grandpa grew some pumpkins in the backyard.
 The colors of the leaves though! Bright red!
 My brother Eric, his lovely wife Tanya, and kiddos Zoe and Wes came over to hang out. It's been over a year since we've all been together and it was so fun to be reunited.
 My dad is the one who cuts all my wooden boards for coptic bookbinding covers and I'm almost out so we picked up two big sheets of plywood at Home Depot and cut them together. He even let me try out a power tool. Once :)
 The next morning we went to Ben Franklin. Yay for scrapbook stores!
 Then we went to Google where Grandpa works to have lunch. It's tradition! 
 It stopped raining every once in awhile so we would go outside and soak in the beautiful scenery.
 Gorgeous trees and fall colors.
 The next morning we went to a little pumpkin patch.
 We cut our own pumpkin. Chris said it reminded him of cutting Fox and Jane's umbilical cords lol.
 I liked these tiny flowers mixed between this trio of pumpkins.
We were practically the only ones there so it felt intimate and we could take our time. No rush.
 Vacations are a perfect time for stitching! I brought my new Sketch & Stitch Sugar Skull and got it done over the course of a few days.
Finished! Time to add it to a layout.
 One night we went over to Eric & Tanya's to babysit Wes.
I'll always remember how he gave me the grand tour of his house and showed me how everything works.
The next day we went to Seattle. First stop: Mae Phim Thai food. YUM.
 Love the architecture downtown.
 Then we walked to Pike's Place Market.
 Flower bouquets everywhere for around $15 a pop, such a spectacular deal for gorgeous, fresh, smelly good flowers.
 Fresh fruit and veg.
 Lots of layers and levels.
Can't visit Pike's Place without a peek at the Gum Wall. They must have just recently cleaned it off because there was hardly any gum.
 But don't worry, I'm sure it'll be covered again in no time! It's well underway!
 Grandma treated us to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Apple Pie apples. Thanks Tassel Love :)
 This was my uniform pretty much the entire trip. Thanks for letting me borrow your robe Malm :)
 Time to carve the pumpkin! The kids each took a turn drawing a part of the jack-o-lantern's face but they drew all their parts soooo tiny, it was hilarious. And that's all the contributing they did, ha! They think pumpkin guts are slimey and gross but Tanya and I love scraping pumpkin guts so peace out kiddos! She was an expert pumpkin gutter. And the smell! Makes me so nostalgic.
 Whatdoyathink? A+
 On our last night the sun came out for a few moments so we went on another walk around the neighborhood.
 Straight outta Twilight.
 We found the world's largest leaves on our walk! They are from Big Leaf Maple trees and were over 15" across.
 Not photoshopped or altered in any way, the leaves really are this big! Sure is beautiFALL in the PNW!
We had such a fun time on our Fall Break with family and eating all our favorite foods, visiting our favorite places, and more. Can't wait to see them again.


  1. Holy smokes!! Those leaves are HUGE!!! WOW!!! What an amazing trip you all had!!! And LOL to Chris's comment about the pumpkin cutting/umbilical cord!!! I HOPE he didn't use a tool that big when he cut the kids' ones!!! LOL!!! And that Sugar Skull is AMAZING!!!!! Brookie just took a painting class this past weekend at Our Creative Escape, and it was a Sugar Skull too! Loving all the photos!!!!

  2. Those leaves !! Wow ...lovely picture of Jane and Fox , hope to see that on one of your gorgeous layouts!

  3. We visited Seattle last year for three days. Our first experience of the USA. Your photos bought back some good memories.

  4. Hi Paige :D Isn't it beautiful in the PNW. Admired those cute pumpkin leggings. How fun to spend the day in the garage with your dad. I really really miss that. My dad had every tool known to mankind and was always so happy if you asked for his help with anything. How on Earth do you get all those wooden covers home? I noticed a bird flying through your shot (ferris wheel in the background), that's suppose to bring you good luck :D I must get back to Seattle, I've forgotten how much there is to do there .


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