Family Photos 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Every year we get our family pictures taken to use for our annual Christmas card and we also print one on a canvas. It's been a great tradition and I always love the new material to scrap. This year we asked Jennifer Simmons of Everleigh Portraits to take our pictures. We met her across from the Mile High Stadium at a row of colorful buildings and my goodness gracious I love how they turned out! Makes my color-loving heart so happy :)

Now which one should be our Christmas card and which one should we enlarge for our canvas? :) Thanks again Jen, we love them!


  1. You have got to be the cutest family in Colorado ! They're all wonderful Paige. If I had to choose, the second family photo with all the coloured facades in the background would make a smashing Christmas card! I adore the one with Jane giving you a big hug against the peach brick wall, you both look so happy :) BTW, you're just gorgeous xk

  2. They turned out fabulous! I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun to scrapbook them. I think the last family photo against the greenery w/ the hanging lights would be a cool Christmas photo (kinda reminds me of Christmas trees, wreaths and lights). And for the enlarged canvas I would go with the one with you all against the colorful walls because YAY for more color! :)

  3. WONDERFUL photos!
    I can't wait to see how you use them in layouts, I KNOW you will AMAZE and INSPIRE :)
    PS - the 1st, 2nd last and last photos would all be great for your Christmas card and/or canvas. I think the smiles are cheerier in the 1st photo and it is nice to have a close up. The greenery is more for a traditional Christmas, the aqua & lime buildings make for a more modern style ... I look forward to seeing what you decide.

  4. These are GORGEOUS!! LOVING the colorful backdrops with Jane at the pink and Fox at the blue!!!!


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