March 2023 Highlights

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Here are our March 2023 highlights!
The biggest event was our spring break road trip to Santa Fe and you can read all about that HERE.
Shake Shack for dinner one evening.
Another evening we went to MOD Pizza.
After we got back from Santa Fe we still had a few days of spring break left so I took the kids to their favorite place, Freddy's, for lunch.
I took the kids to the mall and spoiled them a little bit lol.
Happy girls.
We finally got our affairs in order. I'll always remember eating peach rings and pretzels from the vending machine lol.
Getting Jane ready for school with SBC Fest on in the background!
We went to Margi's book launch out in Parker.
I got a new calling at church: I'm the ward Librarian! I actually really love it. We're going to have this place in tip top shape in no time ;)
The bougainvillea inside is blooming and so beautiful!
The hibiscus also bloomed two flowers!
We saw two movies in March: Scream 6 (how are there six lol) which was entertaining, and Operation Fortune which was also good. At night we've been watching Castle still which I love, The Bachelor (congrats Zach and Kaity!), and of course Friends. On my own I've been watching true crime (as always), Love is Blind, Property Brothers, Bargain Mansions, I Survived, and lots of other random things on all the streaming channels because there are millions of them lol.
Sometimes I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about my poor sweet Jill. I'm so thankful we have Sandy though. And when Amy and Sandy cuddle like this, it warms my heart.
Amy ALWAYS wants to feel important. She is.
As soon as I go upstairs at the end of the night to watch TV, the kitties are sure to follow.
LOL. Amy peeking at me through the crack in a door.
Exploring closets.
Frenemies :)
Long and lanky Amy.
Awwwwww. Kisses!
On the scrappy front: I shared 6 projects in March - click the links to see them in-depth:
I designed 5 free cut files: 3 for my Newsletters, 1 for my Happy Scrappy Place FB Group, and 1 for Scrapbook & Cards Today.
Every day in March I shared a new cut file for stitching and the entire bundle is available HERE: 36 Cut Files for Stitching!
The advance copy of MY BOOK arrived!!!! Pinch me moment!!! So surreal! Dream come true!!
I have a few signed copies available in my shop and my order is supposed to be delivered TODAY so be on the lookout for tracking emails this upcoming week!!!
When the book arrived I recorded myself opening it which you can watch HERE and then I immediately called my mom to show her the dedication page :)
I taught my March virtual classes! First, a Paper Clip Mini Album.
And then some bright and fun layouts featuring Rainbow Rays & a Large Title!
I was also present for my class at SBC Fest! Over 2000 people were watching! WOW!!! Find all the supplies I used and the details HERE.
I was sent the new Multi Cinch Tool and I'm in looooooove!
In order to help me cut down significantly on the amount of time it takes to cut hundreds of cut files for kits, I purchased 2 more Cricut machines. My cats avoided my office and the sounds for a full two days haha.
Prepping kits for the Crafty Fiesta! Only 10 spots left!!
Making thread kits to sell at the events that perfectly match with Blooming Wild!
Making swag for the Blooming Wild Weekend coming up in 2 weeks!
On the 6 hour car drive to New Mexico I rolled hundreds of 2" flowers to use on the covers of my Blooming Wild Coptic Book
A few snippets of the book making process: before painting the boards, choosing the order of patterned papers, and creating additional charms for the spine!
I made a process video for the Scrapbook & Cards Today YouTube channel showing how I stitch patterned papers which you can watch HERE.
A happy corner just because.
My next big project was putting away 3 years worth of layouts.
I love scrapbooking :)
I did a flip through of the 36 layouts I've made for classes which you can watch HERE.
And I have a flip through of the 137 layouts I've made over the past 3 years going live at 8pm Mountain Time on May 6th for International Scrapbook Day!
The last project I made in the month of March was MemoryDex cards with Blooming Wild! The post will go up on the 3rd so check back then. 
Also! Registration is now open for our Sugarplum Wishes Weekend here in Colorado! Only a handful of spots left so grab one quick!!
I'm back on the diet and exercise wagon, I'm hoping it helps with my mental health since it's been a rough couple years with headaches and pet loss. Here's to sticking with it!!! Bring on APRIL!

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  1. Another action packed month for you! I just love all the photos of Sandy and Amy. Especially the one with Amy's sweet face framed in a flower wreath. She looks so dainty. I'm already excited about Sugarplum Wishes Weekend and I haven't even gotten through Blooming Wild Weekend. It's awesome having special things to look forward too. Bravo for jumping back into good diet and exercise. GAK! I'm failing terrible at it. Since Covid, I have gained more weight each year. Jim and I both want to hit restart. Well, holidays certainly aren't lending any help, LOL 💗💗 K


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