The One with the Awkward Stage

Monday, October 8, 2012

Can someone please nominate me for What Not to Wear? Every morning I walk into my closet and want to cry. I'm in that awkward stage where my maternity clothes are much too big and my non-maternity clothes are much too small. Nothing fits! Plus it's still a billion degrees here (we have the AC running 24/7!) and I'm itching to wear pants and long sleeves and sweatshirts and scarves and hats. All at once. Is it ever going to cool down? I'm sure in three months when I'm freezing my tush off I'll be wishing it were summer again. What can I say, I'm wishy washy :) When it's hot I want to be cold, when it's cold I want to be hot.
I've still got 15 pounds to go 'til I reach my pre-pregnancy weight, 25 to go before I'm at my final goal: Fox pre-pregnancy weight. Until then, my assortment of rainbow colored pants will remain hung and untouched. They'll probably be out of style by the time I can fit into them again :)
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