The One with Jane at 10 Months

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sweet Jane is 10 months new! 
Here are her done-at-home stats: 
 Length: 29" (75-90%) 
 Weight: 20 pounds 2 ounces (50-75%) 
 Head circumference: 18.25" (90-95%)

One nice thing about being in the eternally overcast/cloudy/rainy state (bitter much Paige?) is the lighting in my bedroom is supreme for these monthly photoshoots!

So what's new with Jane in the last month? Well lemme tell ya!

She is eternally happy and smilely and sweet. She makes everyone feel like they're the most special person on earth.

She prefers to feed herself but only has two teeth still so there aren't tons of options that we can give her so we still try to sneak in a pureed food of some sort at least twice a day. Most of the time she shuts her mouth as tight as she can and turns her head away. Stubborn girl.

She is ALWAYS moving around and is so squirmy wormy and difficult to hold. So we plop her down on the floor and almost instantly she'll get onto her belly trying to reach out for something, but she doesn't like being on her belly, so she'll cry out for us to rescue her.

She HATES her carseat. Not sure what we can do about that. Oh wells.

She's kind of starting to use her legs more in a stand-up position instead of sticking them out in front of her, refusing to stand, so there's hope that one day she'll walk :)

Jane is a very good mimicker. She claps, waves, shakes her head, sticks out her tongue, and blows on her food to cool it off, which I caught on video:

Her hair is growing longer and longer. Can't wait to put it in li'l piggies!

She lunges at toys that are far away and can eventually get to them by rolling and scooting.

She's juuuuuuuuust about to start crawling.

I know I said last month that I thought she'd be crawling by 10 months, but this time I really think she'll be crawling by 11 months.
Here's her daily routine at 10 months:
6:30am - wake up and eat breakfast
 8:30 - 10:30am - nap in her crib - she falls asleep quickly without me having to do anything, hooray!
10am - play! 
12:00pm - lunch
1:00 - 3:30pm - nap - again, she goes down easily and quickly - awesome!
 3:30pm - play 
5:00pm - dinner
6:30pm - bedtime routine - bath with Fox and then put to sleep with a bottle
7:00pm - asleep for the night in her crib 
6:30am - repeat 
SHE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!! Doing a happy dance over here. 
Happy 10 months girly! 
We love you to pieces and we love you whole!
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