The One with Fabric and Trim Galore

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I was invited to tag along with some other fine young woman (Emily (and Hadley), Erica (and Brooklyn) and Jenny to be exact) to go to a trim store in LA while our husbands are off learning about teeth. Trim store or teeth, trim store or teeth, trim store or teeth? Hmmm...lemme think about it for just a fraction of a millisecond...I'll take the trim store please!There were boxes stacked from floor to ceiling filled with flowers, trims, fabric, doo dads, and more.
The moms were here on a mission: find material to make cute flower headbands. I think their options were limited....not!
This guy was amazingly agile. He climbed up the shelves like a monkey and found exactly what Erica and Emily were looking for, no sweat.Then we walked the fabric-lined streets. Seriously, fabric everywhere! As far as the eye could see!I bet some of the people we saw walking around this fabric store (can't remember the name of it, shoot) are up-and-coming designers. They sure looked the part.I would like a shirt and/or scrapbook paper made out of all of these fabrics please, thank you!
'Twas a fun afternoon hanging out with the girls. Hope to do it again real soon!
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