The One with A Little of This, A Little of That

Friday, September 25, 2009

What have I been up to lately? Oh you know. A little of this, a little of that.

1) I scrapbooked. And it felt gooood. Can't divulge the whole layout until February though. That seems forever away... I can tell you it's called "the one with blogging."

2) We went to Mariah's 1st birthday party last Friday along with every other first year dental couple in our ward. I have the pleasure of watching Mariah for a couple hours every week and she and I are becoming friends. She's just learning to walk so that opens up a whole new can of worms :)

3) We went to Disneyland at night for the first time with Erica and Blake & Brooklyn (their blog is now private, stinkers (j/k)). It was crowded beyond description, but we were in good company and we caught a glimpse of fireworks so alls well that ends well.

4) I discovered Aaron Ruell is in our ward (or it could be our stake, still trying to figure that out). The realization went something like this...
He was up on the stand giving an introduction before he delved into his talk.
Paige (antsy after taking Excedrin for a major headache and having a hard time sitting still in Sacrament meeting...) whispers to Chris, apparently a little louder than a whisper, "Did he just say 'producer'?"
Jenny, turns around because she heard me and (actually) whispers, "You know who that is don't you? Kip from Napoleon Dynamite."
Paige, "For reals?"
Paige then proceeds to take out her phone and google "Aaron Ruell" and confirms that the guy giving the talk at the podium is indeed a star. Neato.
There's a celebrity in our ward/stake. And if we ever become friends and he reads this, I apologize in advance. I just can't hold it in any longer.

5) We made chicken curry for Sunday dinner. It was delish and now that we're experts we're planning a party.
6) We were on a roll so the next night we cooked French toast for dinner. Difficult, I know. But we followed a recipe that includes cinnamon, vanilla extract, flour, eggs, etc. Dusted with sugary goodness of course. I may or may not have doubled the amount of cinnamon called for, on purpose, because I like cinnamon. That may or may not have ruined bad. At least it looks good...

7) I've started blogging on the CARDS blog every Friday. Come play along!
8) We went to Disneyland today. I'm absolutely loving this SoCal resident thing. We have now gone enough times to make up for purchasing the passes. Guilt be gone! Today was the first day that the Halloween attractions were open - Haunted Mansion and Space Mountain.
As I said in my previous post, I love Halloween. Disneyland decked out in Halloween paraphernalia = one happy girl!
We showed up before we could even go on rides, so we meandered over to the "Painless Dentist" shop for a photo op.
By the way, Chris doesn't really go to USC, he ACTUALLY goes to the "Dental School Upstairs" at Disneyland. Hey, it's reputable!
Everybody headed straight for Space Mountain when rope was let down. See:
I don't have enough patience to stand in line for more than 45 minutes when there are other shorter lines so we actually didn't ride Space Mountain today. The line was over 90 minutes on stand-by. But we're going back next Thursday and I'm preparing myself to wait as long as it takes!
We DID get to go on the Haunted Mansion.
I was amazed. Astounded. Blown away.
It was like a completely different ride!
And, as I said in my previous post, I love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas so this was a dream come true to be surrounded by it.
We had a fun day at Disneyland to boot.

9) Tonight we went to a ward dental student pool party/BBQ. I swear dental students make up half the ward. Everyone is so nice and friendly and welcoming and we love it. No pressure to have a baby or anything :)
Fun people, fun times, fun, fun fun.
Now we're watching Napoleon Dynamite. It has nothing to do with statement #4 of this post. False. It has everything to do with statement #4 of this post.


  1. That is so fun! I am jealous you can casually go over to Disneyland during your normal day! LUCKY! Thanks for taking pics of the Nightmare before Christmas stuff....we never got to see that :)

  2. OMGOSH. You are so funny. I'm totally coming to visit so we can hang and I can get Kips autograph.

    So jel about D-land.

  3. Seriously Paige, can I have your life? Disneyland, super stars, pool parties, scrapbooking live the greatest life!

  4. Disneyland! Disneyland! Disneyland!

  5. yay! i've missed your blogging.

    did kip just move in to s.pas? he was in the east pas ward when we lived there but was on the high council or something so he spoke in our ward a few times. i saw him @ youth stuff all the time and always sat there dumbfounded, mentally comparing him to kip. haha. he looks very similar, but non-similar at the same time. you know what i mean?

    yay for disneyland! and pressure is craaazy in pasadena. i speak from experience.

  6. looks like you're having a blast, paige! i love the looks of disneyland this time of year! makes me want to go!!

  7. seeing those pics make me super excited! i hope its not that crowded when we are there. only 1 week from today!


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