The One with Our Second Apartment

Friday, September 4, 2009

First things first, if you live in the Los Angeles area and you're interested in this pile of stuff (including but not limited too a seemingly endless supply of plastic storage containers, an entire bin of fancy shmancy scrapbooking papers, scrapbooking supplies, etc), let me know and then come and take it away from me! Anything not taken is going to Goodwill or the garbage... I've re-organized my scrap/craft space and whatever didn't fit in the new cubes I'm giving away. I just don't want to go through the hassle of listing it on ebay or craigslist. First come, first serve, it's free, take it away from pretty please cuz I think the neighbors are getting fidgety with me...
Wanna see our second apartment? Okay!! We live in a four-plex and we're on the top right. We have our own address and our own entryway so it's nice and private.
Our welcome mat. Thank you Target. You take good care of me.
Let's have a looksy inside shall we? Come on in!
Don't judge. I know this carpet is not the coolest color in the rainbow, but it will do.
Just look up and everything will be okay. I've tried to detract from the hideous stairs by making an art/photo/empty frame collage. It's a work in progress. Eventually I'd like to have them running down the hallway, maybe on both sides.
I bet the neighbors were about ready to kill me this morning. I spent 4 hours pounding nails into the walls. Sorry!
At the top of the stairs is this awesome treasure chest I acquired from the Warners. The label on the lid says it's from none other than Los Angeles. We've returned it to its roots. We've got all our games stored inside. Above the chest are the hanging photo collages of my favorite pictures from my study abroad in London.
Here's the view as you enter our apartment. I think this is supposed to be the living room, but we've turned it into the dining room. I decided yesterday that we are now saving for a much larger dining room table. This teensy weensy table from IKEA aint gonna cut it no mo if we ever want to have people over.On the right wall is a ginormous closet which I've claimed and have filled to the brim with all of my crap. It's also the storage closet. We used to put our Christmas/Halloween decorations up under the Warner's house and I was worried about where it would all fit here. So this closet has come in mighty handy. Rather than put the animals in the spare bedroom, we opted to put them out in the open. They get better access to the air conditioner and it's fun to see what they're up to all day.
On the wall of the dining room we've got a fireplace. It feels like it's never going to get cold here! I've hung an artwork above the fireplace that I purchased from Marlene of the late Geneva Steel.
This wall of the dining room houses our bookshelves.
Off the far corner of the dining room is the guest bedroom/scrapbooking storage room. Please come see me! I'm lonely!
Yummy colors of cardstock.
Here's how I store all my art/scrap supplies now. Shelving unit and most of the bins courtesy of IKEA. I bet this thing weighs 3000 pounds, no joke. I hope it doesn't collapse through the floor. That would be a bad thing.
A nice comfy bed and warm soft kitty to keep you company if you come see me :)
Next to the guest bedroom is our bedroom.
This room is actually smaller than our room in Provo which makes me laugh. We've had to move our nightstands together and at the end of the bed because they wouldn't fit on either side of our bed. Meh.
Attached to our bedroom is the bathroom. This bathroom is much bigger than our one in Provo. You win some you lose some.Yup. It's a bathroom.
We installed this big mirror the other night because there wasn't one in the bathroom. It's funny what this place did and didn't come with. The other door in the bathroom leads into the supposed dining-room-turned-living room. This is where I spend 99% of my time.
This was the only logical place in the apartment to put the TV and DVD storage unit. I really like how it's all laid out so I don't care if it's supposed to be the dining room.My work station. My computer is my life.
Just off the living room is the kitchen. So much nicer than our kitchen in Provo. Not that I cook or anything, it's just more aesthetically pleasing.The only flaw of this kitchen is the shelves are waaay up high. I have to get a stool out anytime I need something above the first shelf. There are worse things though. I like the stainless steel appliances and marble counter tops (HGTV has brain-washed me :)
Do you know what these babies are? A WASHER AND DRYER! After two years of going to a laundromat these are a welcome blessing.Here's the back entrance where we go down a shared flight of stairs to the parking lot. It's a tight squeeze because of the laundry racks, but we're done taking big boxes out to the trash so it's all good now.
Last but certainly not least, aren't these three mini cacti cute? IKEA does it again.
And that's our second apartment! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow! You have been busy. It looks so nice and cozy. Thanks for sharing. I love seeing pictures.

  2. the new place is visually scrumptious! it's so bright and cheery and i love that all your stuff has a home again :)

  3. I'd best leave a comment, huh?

    Whelp, GOOD JOB Paige! Thanks for posting the pictures. You have turned it into the best living space ever! I know there's a reason why you're there. Can't wait to find out what it is.

  4. Man! Now, *I* really want to show photos of my apartment! LOL. This was SO fun to see! The thing that made me laugh hardest... was the bird on your head. :D

    I love all the color! Super fabulous! :D And the frames on the wall! WOW! You're awesome! I SO want to do that some day. Right now, all our frames are collaged on some shelving. Looks cool... for now. :)

    That guest room looks very inviting... especially with all the scrapbook stuff! ;-) Do you have a scrap table in there? Where will you be doing your crafty stuff?!

    When we moved into this apartment, I turned the dining room into my scrap room, guest room into... guest room/Jeremy's office, and the living room just has a sofa. We took down the kitchen table. LOL. We didn't use it, so now we just eat at the coffee table(s) or outside on our deck. :) It's nice to eat outside when it's warm. :)

    Good luck getting rid of your scrappy stuff! :)

  5. seriously why did you take all the fabulous good stuff to LA...and now you are giving it away?! I needed it, don't ya know! LOL

    Your new place is adorable. I absolutely love the new rugs. You have GREAT taste, and I am in love with your new place!

  6. Sooo cute Paige. Seriously, I'm coming over. I love how you've layed everything out.

    Holy pet store!

    I love that my drawing ended up in there some where. It's like a little part of me ins in California all the time. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Paige it's adorable!! It's the cutest apartment ever! I love that you have my bed all made and ready for me... I will be by soon! It's seriously the cutest place eva!

  8. Beautiful apartment. Are you planning on staying in that apartment until Chris finishes school?

    Yesterday was our 4 year anniversary. And he bought it for me bc he also loves me to pieces!

  9. great photo tour -- i love how you've decorated the new place! i must say, you have a huuuuge collection of a. scrapbook supplies [which i guess makes sense...] and b. dvds. and you have very good interior design style :)

  10. Wow. Good work, Paige! You have been busy. Hope the new place treats you well. It looks so much bigger than your Provo apartment – is it?

  11. I LOVE it, Paige!
    It's so colorful and cozy!
    Love that green cabinet that was by the kitchen! :-D Love the photo of you with the birdie on your head, too! Heehee! Thanks for the peek inside! Love it! So glad you two are getting settled! Hugs!

  12. k. your place looks AMAZING. i really wanna come visit! so many colors. so much fun craft stuff!

  13. Dude... your place looks amazing, I think my favorite part is the photo wall as you walk up the stairs, oh and the Ikea rugs (I have the same ones)

    So I have to ask... how do you get that cat of yours to look so good in photos? My cats just don't understand the whole camera concept, they usually end up rubbing their face on lens or something.

  14. Too bad we don't live a little closer to you, I could definitely use some of those plastic storage bins. And. I absolutely love your apartment! I need you to come and help decorate mine!

  15. DUDE!!! I live close Paige and I want some of that! You set the time and I'll come pick it up. That is... if someone else hasn't already ;)

  16. You are amazing! Love it and I LOVE the rug under your table. I LOVE love LOVE it! When I come visit my friend that lives there I for sure am going to come visit you and we can make a book. :)

  17. dude! i love your place :) how cool that you moved to south pas...i used to live down in alhambra (and am heading back there this weekend, lol). i would totally take some of the storage stuff off your hands since my scrapping stuff is super disorganized right now, but i wouldn't be sure how to bring it back up to SF with me!

  18. Your space is absolutely fantastic! So homey! I love it! I adore your tv stand & all the cardstock goodness makes me smile! I also dig that cuuuute greenish cupboard/stand right outside your kitchen holding some dishes!! I need that! hehe! Love it, Paige! So happy for you & this new space! :)


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