The One with A Little Slice of Heaven

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

When I think of Heaven, this is what I imagine:I snapped this through my car window today. I only took this one single shot. Serendipitous if you ask me.

In scrappy news, I've got a layout featured on the American Crafts Studio Blog today. Here's a sneaky sneak.See the entire layout by clicking here. Thanks Tammy for letting me use some pictures of your too/two-cute kids!


  1. That pic is rad. and yes, I did just use the word "rad". I'm dope.

  2. That photo looks amazing!! WOW! I think of Heaven too... when I see the sun shining through the clouds like that. Mmmm. :) Makes me feel good. :)

    Off to the AC blog to see your loveliness of a page. :)

  3. Amazing cloud picture!! And I LOVE, love the layout. How lucky to have you scrapbook my kids! Their mother certainly never does stuff like that. ;)


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