The One when UW Conquered USC

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I must be fresh out of ideas if I'm blogging about football again...

USC, ranked #3, lost to UW today, not even ranked.
How did this happen?

Quote, "A relatively unknown USC assistant coach has moved to Washington and guided a previously 0-12 team to a 2-1 record against two top ten teams in the first three games of his first season on the job. Make no mistake about it, today's 16-13 victory over USC is an epic victory that signals the University of Washington football program is back after a six year hiatus." End quote.

The coach knew all of USC's moves! That's how this happened.

I AM from Washington though...


  1. seriously. that was a major upset. boo usc :(
    though i do agree that having a former usc coach def helped U of W :)

  2. Wow. Cool! I'm not into football, but now that we live in Austin, I'm going to have to be! I mean... UT Longhorns are SO popular here! I actually went out and got myself a Longhorns shirt, so that I wouldn't feel left out in the sea of Orange every Saturday. When I told hubby I had gotten an orange LH shirt, he said, "What!? And you didn't get me one too?!" LOL. :-p I guess Austin will make both of us football fans...


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