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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today I'm going to write about writing my article. Say that ten times fast.

In December of 2006 I was asked to write a monthly column in Scrapbook Trends called One Amazing Album. Every month since then I've had an article published in the magazine. What is the article you ask? Essentially, as I'm looking through submissions, if I see a mini album that particularly catches my eye, I email her and ask if I can use her album for my article. (Or I could make my own album, but that's only happened two times in the three years I've been writing the article.) A week or two later the album arrives in the mail and I hold onto it until my deadline which is the first day of every month. At that point I email my article to Tammy who edits it and makes it sound good and the album gets sent off to photography by Katie and Kristy to make it look good. A few months later, the album gets shipped back to the sender-inner and the article magically appears in the magazine, thanks to Linda, Amy, and Jeri.

The article in its entirety is 4-6 pages. I've got digital files of the intro pages of every article except the very first one so I just took a picture of the magazine itself. Starting with most recent to the very first time my article appeared, here they are in all their glory:

October 2009 - Leah Farquharson (Happy Halloween - a mini album about the fun that is Halloween)
September 2009 - Leigh Penner (Home Sweet Home - a mini album celebrating all the rooms of a house that make it a "home")
August 2009 - Kelly Goree (Know This - a mini album dedicated to the teenage neighbor girl and useful words of advice)
July 2009 – Beth Sears (Our Beach - a mini album about an annual trip to the beach with the whole family)
June 2009 – Juliet Adora Concepcion (Lucy the Dog - a mini album dedicated to the family pug)
May 2009 – Debbie Harmer (These Are The Moments - a mini album about favorite moments with family and friends)
April 2009 – Holly Hanks (The Everyday Life - a mini album about things the family does in a week's time)
March 2009 – Katie Watson (Turning One - a mini album documenting her daughter's first birthday)
February 2009 – Linda Harrison (What I Love About Being a Mom - a mini album about the things she loves about being a mom :)
January 2009 – Trisha Ladouceur (Full of Joy - a mini album about overcoming the hard times and seeing the silver lining to every cloud)
December 2008 – Kathie Davis (Twelve Days of Christmas - a mini album about all things Christmas)
November 2008 – Charity Hassel (Love - a mini album with scripture versus in a fun format)
October 2008 – Creasa Brown (Happy Halloween - a mini album about Halloween activities)
September 2008 – Paige Evans (The People We Meet - a mini album I made about all the different kinds of people you meet abroad)
August 2008 – Dedra Long (Art - a mini album made for storing children's school art)
July 2008 – Michelle Klomp (Decorating Gingerbread Cookies - a mini album about something...I can't remember what...oh yeah, decorating gingerbread cookies! :)
June 2008 – Dina Wakley (I Am Nuts For... - a mini album about the crafty things Dina likes to do on her scrapbooking pages like sewing, tearing, stapling, etc.)
May 2008 – Cindy Tobey (Mother’s Day - a mini album dedicated to that special woman in our lives)
April 2008 – Kathy Marie Perez (Easter - a cute mini Easter album stored in a cute tiny basket )
March 2008 – Jen Jockisch (That Thing You Do - a mini album about her daughter and all the things she does so everyone can remember)
February 2008 – Leena Loh (Amore - a mini album with a family photo shoot and the unconditional love she feels for them)
January 2008 – Susanna Tunturi-Anttila (Bloggin' - a mini album to store her printed blog posts, just in case they disappear virtually - I didn't even know what blogging was when I wrote this article. Now look at me!)
December 2007 – Nicole Harper (Ornament Obsession - a mini album full of pictures of her favorite Christmas Tree ornaments and stories behind each one)
November 2007 – Nichol Magouirk (Thanksgiving - a mini album passed around each Thanksgiving for every member of the family to write things they're thankful for - a fun tradition!)
October 2007 – Summer Fullerton (Halloween Activities - a mini album about things they did 'round Halloween)
September 2007 – Jami Mayes (Your Name - a mini album telling her daughter all about how she got her name and why)
August 2007 – Cheryl Mezzetti (Bloom - a mini album with neat pull-out tabs and filled with precious photos)
July 2007 – Kimber McGray (Destination - a mini album about a much needed vacation)
June 2007 – Mara Siegel (Dog Xing - a mini album about acquiring a new dog)
May 2007 – Michelle Jacknicke (Recipes - a mini album chock-full of yummy recipes)
April 2007 – Lisa M. Pace (Easter Eggs - a mini album all about decorating Easter eggs)
March 2007 – Maria Burke (Seven Years, Seven Reasons - a mini album dedicated to her husband on their 7th anniversary)
February 2007 – Chris Evans (Engagement - this is the mini album Chris made for me when he proposed)
January 2007 – Paige Evans (Shoes - this is a mini album I made out of paper bags and filled to the brim with a picture of each pair of shoes I owned at the time and a little background info about each pair. Some have interesting stories!)
December 2006 – Melodee Langworthy (Christmas - a mini album about the most wonderful time of the year. A great way to start off this fun article!)

I just shipped off the December, January, February, and March amazing albums to Utah to be kept safe until they're needed. We work pretty far in advance. So I guess that's my One Amazing Album article recap in a nutshell!


  1. LOVE your article every time, Paige!
    SO cool to see them all like that one after another! Such talented people out there! Happy Thursday! :)

  2. Your articles always look beautiful!

  3. I read your articles! :)

    I am always inspired by mini albums! However, me making them? Not so much. I get stuck a lot of the time, but after seeing some of these and going through my older magazines I am inspired to create one from our family trip! And I thought to write down what I wanted in it prior to making it keeping myself focused to not get so overwhelmed!!!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  4. I like how the photos of you have evolved. Those ARE amazing albums! Good for you!


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