The One with the Missing Dishes

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Whelp. I've unpacked the last of our boxes except for the decorative picture frames. That's my final project for tomorrow then I'll finally be able to post pictures of our second apartment. Just for you Malm, quit your buggin'! :) I was sure that amidst my dozens of scrapbooking boxes (you should have seen how much American Crafts stuff I purchased before I's embarrassing!) I would find our eight missing bowls.

You see, I eat at least one bowl of cereal per day, sometimes two. Lately I've been on a kick of Frosted Mini Wheats (Malt-O-Meal brand) for breakfast and something sugary like Frosted Flakes (Malt-O-Meal brand again) or Ohs for dessert. Chris usually has a bowl of cereal for breakfast too and occasionally he'll splurge and have another bowl for dinner or dessert. So we're talkin' at least 2-4 bowls used on a daily bases (sometimes more if we have pasta for dinner, which happens more than I'd like to admit), times 7 days a week and that's 14-28+ bowls used weekly. That's a whole lotta bowls. That's a whole lotta loads of dish washing.

We had 12 bowls at one point. I realized today where our 8 missing bowls are: in the dishwasher at our old apartment...duh... We ran a load before we moved and never thought to check it again. I wonder why the new tenants haven't emailed us about them...but no matter. I've moved on to bigger and better dishes. Lo and behold:If I didn't know any better, I'd say they look like they're from Anthropologie because of the colors and what not. Lucky for me, they were on clearance from Target. Run run run, they might have some left at your Target!I saw them and fell in love. Instantly. Match made in heaven. Me + Dishes = <3
One particularly great thing about these dishes is they coordinate with our old set of dishes so I've mixed-n-matched them together.
My Grandma Cathie has a different set of dishes every time we go over there to eat, so I don't feel too bad about getting another set. Priorities people. One must eat and if one must eat it might as well be in style :)


  1. they seriously look like they are from anthropologie and they truly do compliment the other set! I completely agree that two sets of dishes is important for happiness and sanity :)

  2. oh my goodness Paige, those are so stinkin' cute! I am seriously going to go look for them at my target... LOVE THEM!

  3. those are awesome! me likey. can't wait to see more pics of your new place :)

  4. LOVE those dishes, and they would look fab in my kitchen. I might have to run, run, run!

  5. My grandma had two sets of china, so hey, what's two sets of dishes? And, they do mesh perfectly with the old set. It looks like you purposely coordinated the whole thing!

  6. Oh.My.Word, Paige! Those dishes are BEAUTIFUL!!! I WANT SOME! :D Seriously... my first thought was, "Those look like Anthro dishes! I wonder how much she paid for those!" LOL. A girl after my own heart... ;-)

    I'll definitely have to check the dishes at Target on my way home tomorrow (Target is one block up from The Container Store... lucky me!).

    Would you believe I got my current dishes when I was TWELVE?! Mom started me a hope-chest then, and so when I moved out (age 17, almost 18) for college, I had lots of great kitchen stuff. :D Now... they've been used for a good ten years. I'm thinking it's time to move on. I'm kind of sick of looking at them at this point. LOL. Because you KNOW from age 12 to 17, I was looking in that hope chest... waiting... hoping... I'd get to use them soon! LOL.

    Funny, she also was collecting kitchen watermelon *stuff* for me, and I'm not sick of that! LOL. I still LOVE watermelon knick-knacks in my kitchen, and they're SO hard to turn down (I did this week though! Go me!) when I see them in stores. :)

    Okay, this is officially the longest comment EVER. I really should have just dropped you an email. LOL. Sorry. :-p

    Now... to remember those dishes... :D

  7. Thanks for all the sweet comments. Thought I would answer all your questions.
    1. Yes those are my feet in my banner picture.
    2. I had NO idea you and Alisha worked for Simply Handmade! Alisha got my address and hooked me up with some past issues. Thanks a bunch! I am so excited!!!

    And I LOVE those new dishes. Moving is a pain and I hate when you leave things behind, but finding new treasures is so much better!

  8. We left a pizza in the freezer when we moved from San Jose to Redmond. The freezer was in storage for a month while we lived in temporary housing. Once I remembered the pizza was still in the freezer, I had the storage company go and remove it.

    Your blog friends are going to thank ME when you finally post your apartment pictures. My endless hounding will be worth it!

  9. You got those pictures on your walls yet?? Hint hint!

  10. My mom has like 20 sets of dishs...maybe more. I like that.


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